What color palette is indicated?

Traditionally, christening clothes are white to symbolize the child's innocence and purity. Depending on the material from which they are made, the white of the clothes can appear more or less intense. If the clothes are made of satin or silk, they will give the impression of a stronger white. To fade a little of the intensity of the white, tulle or lace is usually used, which masks and reduces the brightness, while giving an extra touch of elegance. If you don't want white clothes, you can opt for pastel colors or accessories with details in stronger colors.

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How to use the candle after baptism?

The christening candle is also lit the next day, when the child is bathed by the godmother, and the myrrh with which he was anointed at church is washed away. You can use it at any special moment in your child's life, both happy moments and moments when you feel you need extra support. The baptismal candle represents the light of the Savior. The popular belief is that the light awakens the soul of the new Christian. It is good that the christening candle is kept in the house, both as a memory and as a symbol of heavenly light.

How should you keep the candle after baptism?

The candles from the sets are delivered in personalized cardboard boxes, boxes that you can also use to later store these candles. To enjoy this object with a strong emotional charge as much as possible, it is advisable to use white cotton cloth for packaging. In addition, you can use holy basil branches, which you can place on the icon or use when you need it. You can use the baptismal candle during the Bright Week after Easter to pray for your children.

Christian traditions and customs

According to Christian tradition, the second day after baptism, the child is taken out of the womb. During this ritual, the baptismal candle must be lit. According to tradition, the baptismal candle is kept after all the decorations are removed. It would be best to choose a dry storage place so that the candle does not bend or break.

No matter how you choose to use this symbol, the christening candle represents an object with a strong emotional charge, a whisper for your memories, but also for the hopes and dreams you will have for your child.

Christening robes, matched with Anne Bebe baptism candles

The materials from which the little one's outfit is made should also be found in the design of the baptism candles. It would be best to buy the christening clothes together with the matching candles. You have at your disposal an extremely varied selection of christening clothes, both for girls and boys, in an extremely rich color palette. The sets composed of clothes and matching candles are made in our own factory and are ideal to mark the entry into life of your baby.

Products available in AnneBebe stores

Products available in AnneBebe stores