A special day is coming when you will go to the baptism of a child, the day he will be baptized. As is the tradition, you should give a nice gift, something special.

Christening gifts are usually the first important gifts a child receives. I have prepared below a list of inspiration for the most beautiful christening gifts.

Beautiful gifts for baptism

1. Silver-plated holder for baptism certificate

Silver Plated Certificate of Baptism CG 891

It is a precious gift that you can give to a small child on the day of baptism. It is a silver-plated metal tube with two threaded ends. Inside, the baptism certificate will be kept, nicely rolled up. It is suitable as a christening gift for both a girl and a boy. It also comes with a beautiful stand with special details. The support has two bears on each side and can be opened easily.

2. Silvered carriage with twist and toothpick

Silver Carriage Suvita and Teether

A cute and funny christening gift for any little one. The silver-plated decorative object depicts a horse pulling two elegant carriages. In the first will go the first tooth that will fall, and in the second the first lock of hair. These things are real precious treasures for any parents and even the child will be delighted to discover, as he grows, this impressive decorative object.

3. A thermal plush toy

thermal toys

At first glance, it seems like just another toy, but we guarantee you that it is much more. Our thermal pluses are filled with millet and lavender and are special from several points of view. They can be heated in the microwave oven and then offered to the child to calm down, for a better sleep, to unblock the nose, to get rid of tummy aches. In addition, the toys are extremely soft, cute, pleasant to the touch and very funny. It is easy for such a toy to become a child's favorite. That is why it is very inspiring to give such a christening gift.

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4. Personalized gold bracelet

Personalized baby gold bracelet for children

Are you looking for a more expensive, personalized and special gift? We recommend you stop at this gold bracelet, with a beautiful cutout of a girl or boy on a round element that fastens around the hand with a delicate red elastic (adjustable). In 14K yellow gold, this bracelet is carefully handcrafted with an adjustable silk cord. It will definitely be a very appreciated christening gift.

5. A photo album

Baby baptism photo album

This baptism gift is a practical one that integrates a lot of beautiful memories from the day of christening. Parents will be able to attach all the special photos in this album with a special design, so that the baby can discover them again and again as it grows. Memories are the most precious and even if we now save thousands of virtual photos on our phone, nothing compares to the unique feeling of opening a photo album, running your hand over them and admiring the people, relationships and events depicted.

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6. Children's swing in the shape of a teddy bear

Children's rocking chair Puccio Nanan

Even if you go to a christening with a newborn who is not yet in the bottom, it is inspiring to look into perspective. Sometimes parents can find themselves with too many clothes, toys and things for newborns, but babies grow quickly and these can quickly become useless. That's why we recommend you give a unique christening gift: a rocking chair in the shape of a very beautiful teddy bear. The child will be able to admire it as soon as it takes its first steps held by the hand, so that it can then slowly learn to use it for swinging and playing.

These were 6 beautiful christening gift ideas. We are waiting for you on the website to order a beautiful gift to give to a girl or a boy who is going to be baptized.