The bed in which your baby sleeps is very important both for him to have a peaceful sleep and for you to stay without worries during the whole night. And in 2023, caring for your baby must also come with a bit of fashion, which means that you must also pay attention to this part when it comes to choosing a perfect crib.

Co-sleeping cots

cosleeping beds

The notion of co-sleeping means sleeping close to your baby, which is supported by a large number of parents.Co-sleeping baby cots can be attached to your bed, so that the baby is as close as possible to you during the night, to ensure that his sleep is peaceful, without interruptions. As I mentioned, this notion of co-sleeping is very supported among parents because you can make sure that your baby is carefree during sleep so that you, in turn, can have a carefree sleep.

Oval cots

oval beds

Perfect for energetic babies, both during the day and at night, oval cribs guarantee your child's safety. Even a baby who is always full of energy and always eager to move, will always be safe in his crib, without the risk of hitting himself. This is because the edges of this cot, instead of being hard, sharp, where the baby can easily injure themselves, are rounded, thus maintaining safety. At the same time, the design of the cot is unique, different from the standard ones, which gives it an originality that will radically change the room in which it is placed.

Elegant beds

elegant beds

As I said, in 2023 safety and care for your baby must be combined with a little taste. And for this, elegant cribs are the best option, differentiating themselves through their small details that add a little sparkle. The baby's room must be one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. It must be bright and full of details, because they make the difference. The baby's crib is also an important element of the room, which means that it needs its own brightness, which it can reproduce in the whole room.

Folding cots

folding beds

Another important aspect is how spacious the baby's room is. And for that there are folding cots , which combine elegance and safety with utility. If you don't have a lot of space, the folding crib is the perfect choice for you and your baby, you can unfold it when it's time for your baby to sleep and fold it when the baby is ready to move, needing space-bar. At the same time, this makes it easy to transport, on holidays or at the grandparents' house, your baby will always be able to have his crib with him.

Medium beds

medium beds

Your baby grows very fast, and the size of the crib is very important and sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to choose from this point of view. Medium cots offer the possibility for the baby to keep his favorite place of sleep for a long time as they are on 2 levels or their sides are removable.

Regardless of the cot you choose, we provide you with safety, elegance and comfort. Your baby will always have a peaceful, carefree sleep in our cribs, and you will be able to continue your activities in peace and without interruptions.