What do parents recommend in terms of cots for babies? In all cases, the safety and comfort of their babies are put first, but there are other aspects that we must take into account. Like the material of the crib, how practical it is or the added design details.

3-piece packages

baby cot promotion with mattress

Packages that include the crib, mattress and textile set are a favorite choice of parents in 2023. It is much easier to buy a package of this kind, making sure that the pieces complement each other very well, and the design is suitable for the room in which you will place them. These packages are preferred by parents not only for their unique style and elegance, but also for the extraordinary comfort that your baby will have during sleep, but also during play.

Wooden cots

wooden cots

Due to the fact that they are very stable and safe, wooden cribs are a favorite option of parents when it comes to what kind of crib to buy for their baby. At the same time, our cots are made of solid beech wood, then painted with a water-based paint, which is not toxic to children over time. The design of the wooden elements of this cot stand out and add a unique detail, making the cot more elegant. Also, when it comes to the safety of the child, we do not let ourselves down. Regardless of the hardness of the wood, the sides of this cot are rounded, so you will sit without worries.

Rocking cots

rocking kit for cots

This type of crib is excellent for parents who want to make sure that their baby sleeps peacefully and want to be with him while he rests. The cot allows the parent to help his child fall asleep, by rocking him and to be permanently by his side. It can be easily placed next to your bed so that your child sleeps next to you, in complete safety, without the risk of any small incident. The rocking system is meant to calm the baby and to give him a deep sleep.

The recommendations of parents in 2023 take into account both the practicality of the product, the safety and comfort offered, as well as the elegance and the small elements that add extra shine. Regardless of what your preferences are when you have to choose a crib for your baby, make sure that the chosen product will offer everything he needs.

If you are about to become a mother, on our website we provide you with countless products that will help you raise your baby beautifully, and cribs are a very important element because they contribute both to your child's rest and to yours . You must be careful before making a decision and consult every opinion that is presented to you in order to reach the best result.

And the best result is a room where your baby feels safe, can satisfy his needs for movement, play, explore and a room where the comfort and feeling of "home" is felt by the child yours, as well as yours.