The choices of parents of girls are always different from the choices of parents of boys when it comes to how the children's room will be organized. Unlike boys, girls will always go for simplicity, light colors that light up the room and elegance.

And the crib is very important, this being the central element of the room and the place where, as all the girls say, they will have their "beauty sleep". This means that choosing the bed for your little girl's room will be a difficult one and you will have to take several aspects into account.

Elegant beds

elegant upholstered beds for girls

Elegant beds are the most common in girls' rooms, they reflect simplicity and brightness. These cribs are usually white or light pink, sometimes with a small canopy added and lots of extra dolls or animals. Little girls always want to feel exactly like princesses, both when they play and even when they sleep. That's why the colors of the crib, as well as of the room where they stay, must be as bright as possible and inspire elegance.

Also, canopy beds are not only a design element, they are also very useful. Unlike standard cribs, those with a canopy are very practical because when the sun's rays sometimes "unwelcomed" enter your little girl's room or when the weather starts to heat up and all kinds of insects appear.

Cots with drawings

little girl's bed with teddy bear drawings

Just like boys and girls have their favorite cartoons, the only difference is that in most cases, girls' favorite cartoons are with princesses. And as I said, most of the time girls want to feel exactly like their favorite princess, and for that the decorations in their room need to be appropriate.

And the central element of the room, the crib, must not be forgotten, it must have illustrations of your little girl's favorite princess, but at the same time remain simple and elegant. Thus, your little one will feel like she is in a story with all her favorite princesses.

Rocking or canopy beds, pink and white

rocking beds

Another suitable and preferred choice among parents of girls is the rocking bed. This, in addition to being practical and helping you to put your baby to sleep more easily, also creates a fairytale atmosphere, your baby falling asleep exactly like a little princess from the stories.

The rocking bed is a bed that rocks with the help of its legs placed in a special shape, but which will remain stable and move only when you want to put your little one to sleep, in order to always maintain safety. Perfect for a little girl who dreams of living exactly like a princess.

baby cradle cradle

Parents of girls are often put in difficulty when it comes to choosing their child's room. However, the aspects that must always be checked are safety and comfort, because nothing compares to a peaceful sleep and a safe playground, without the slightest risk of accidents.

It is very important to pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure that the choice you have made is the best. Details such as the material, the paint, accessories, the fastening or mounting system, the mattress, dimensions and many others. In our range of products you will find models that, for sure, tick all the criteria of the perfect cot, you just have to go through each option and decide which is the right one.

wooden baby crib opinions

The crib in which your little one will sleep and play must first of all be safe and durable, because this will be the place where your little one will spend his time for a long time from the moment he arrived in the world.