The most beautiful baptism candles 2021 for girls and boys

Every detail matters to you when it comes to an important family event.

Below, we will write about the top of the personalized candles, which will make your baby's christening not only special and unique, but also well organized, from a symbolic, stylistic, chromatic point of view! The right choices bring us harmony in everything we plan, and enthusiasm can tire you, not just make you happy, so I hope our suggestions will be of great help to you.

1. AnneBebe Flower Theme Pink Candle Refinement suitable for little princesses.

    Pink Flower Theme Baptism Candle

    The colors of this model perfectly characterize the innocence of a child. White signifies purity, delicacy.

    The pastel petals mean spring, renewal, birth, joy, a new beginning. How beautifully they are matched and thought out. Moreover, pastel colors are the favorite among children's items (currently).

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    2. Personalized Traditional Popular Candle

    We see this traditional model as suitable for both girls and boys.

    Small details promise an enriched life: the ear of wheat, the sunflower.

    The colors being so warm, with the Romanian tricolor on the edges.

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    3. Darius AnneBebe Boy Candle

    Darius AnneBebe

    The right choice for those who prefer simple and beautiful.

    Silver will always look good next to a white teddy bear (many children's friend), but also next to any outfit chosen for the parents.

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    4. AnneBebe Baby Print Navy Blue and White Candle

    Navy blue - royal color, suitable when you want to stand out. Looks like your pampered prince will need an outfit to match the candle.

    The print model is also available in pastel shades of Cappuccino, Gold.

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    5. AnneBebe Ballerina Girls Candle

    Ballerina Themed Girl Christening Candle

    Practice and theory show that little girls love dolls, especially ballerinas!

    If you want to emphasize the gentleness and balance of your baby, then the ballerina is exactly what you need (and again fine, bright, elegant colors).

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    6. AnneBebe Mickey Boy Candle

    Baby Mickey Mouse Baptism Candle

    Mickey is one of children's favorite animated characters.

    Likewise, you can also find Minnie for girls (AnneBebe).

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    7. AnneBebe Little Bee Candle

    Albinuta candle girls

    The industrious bee fills us with her sweets, and the yellow color - with hope and warmth. The baby is an adorable detail.

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    8. Darrin AnneBebe Boy Candle

    Darrin boy candle

    Checks do not go out of style, they are the classic, with which you cannot go wrong, and the fruit accent adds a little color to that gray. In addition, a suit of the same model is available for your boy.

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    9. Ayan AnneBebe Boy Candle

    to the boy Ayan AnneBebe

    Pastel blue is in trend, it heralds spring, the Easter holidays.

    If you opt for this shade, you will be able to create an inspired atmosphere at the baptism of your baby, looking like this teddy bear.

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    10. AnneBebe Rabbit Candle

    AnneBebe Bunny Candle

    Look how cute! It looks like a fluttering snowflake.

    Very suggestive for babies born in winter.

    I chose the picture from the back, so you can see these legs for yourself - an impeccable handmade work.

    Look how cute! It looks like a fluttering snowflake. Very suggestive for babies born in winter.

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    We would also like to specify the dimensions of these candles - Length 34 cm;

    Circumference 22.5 cm; Diameter 7.2; as well as the fact that they are decorated with velvet materials.

    And now, the products are at reduced prices. Take advantage of the offers!