Sleep is part of the routine of all of us and is extremely important, especially in the first years of life. That is precisely why babies need a restful sleep to help them grow and develop in a healthy and beneficial way from all points of view. What are the most popular baby cribs, you ask yourself, because you can find a lot of interesting models everywhere, but you don't know which one best suits your little one's needs.

The top of the most loved cots for babies

1.     Cosleeper Baby Cot  

Beech Cosleeper Baby Cot Mini Stelline with Mattress and Bed Set Included

In addition to the fact that this Cosleeper cot model has four wheels in its component so that it can be easily moved to any part of the room, it also comes with a complete set that contains a mattress, a pillow with a cover, a quilt, but also protectors, everything for your little one to be safe throughout sleep.

Also, this cot for babies is made of beech wood, which makes it very durable over time.

2.     Baby cot Pregio Classic

Baby cot Pregio Classic Resealed Azzurra Beech Wood

Made in Italy according to the most rigorous standards and decorated with a paint that is not toxic for your little miracle, this Pregio Classic cot is ideal for your baby to have a restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Also, a very interesting thing that this cot has is the fact that its sides can slide to turn into a small sofa.

3.     Funky bed set 3 pieces

Furniture package 3 pieces Funky Bed + Mattress + Textile Protection Set

Because when you decorate your little one's room you need more furniture, we come to your aid not only with the ideal crib for your baby , but also with a 3-piece set so that it is fully equipped and ready to use.

This Funky package is composed of a cot, a mattress and a protective textile set, so that you don't have to worry, and your little one can freely enjoy the soft and delicate materials that are part of this cot.

4.     Cot Sophia

Baby bed Sophia Beech wood and 2 levels for the mattress

This cot for babies model Sophia will fit perfectly into the decor of his room, completing the overall picture in a relaxing and modern way. But the beauty of this cot is not its only quality, because it also has a special utility, it has 2 levels for the mattress.

Also, all its corners are rounded in such a way that your little one does not get hurt when he comes into contact with them.

5.     Oval bed Olalla

oval bed

In addition to the fact that this oval baby cot model has a very special design, it is also very efficient, because it comes with 2 straps that will help you fix it to the matrimonial bed, so that you can supervise it the entire duration of sleep.

Of course, this cot also comes with a set that contains an oval mattress made of foam that fits perfectly into the spaces of the cot, being created especially for it, a 3-piece linen, protectors, a pillow and the kit for co-sleeping on which I mentioned earlier. What more could you want from a baby crib?

6.     8 in 1 Transformable Baby Cot Glam

convertible bed

Babies grow very quickly, which is precisely why this convertible crib is perhaps one of the most popular models, appreciated and loved by all mothers. This can be modified, reaching from hosting a baby from 0 - 6 months, up to 36 months +, so that you don't have to worry that you just bought a crib for the little one and you have to look for another bigger model when it grows.

7.     Baby bed Mars Alb

Baby cot Mars Alb with a normal mattress made in Italy beech wood

Another cot model for babies that is extremely appreciated by mothers everywhere, is the white Mars cot . Why? Because it has a very interesting function of sliding sides, one of which is even removable so that the cot can be turned into a sofa, and the drawer is spacious enough to store your baby's bed linen always had at hand.

Popular and adorable! The most beautiful cots for babies only with us!

8.     Baby bed Stella Erbesi Oblo

Baby cot Stella Erbesi Side window cut out Heart & Ursuleti Italy

If you want an extremely adorable crib to complete your baby's room, then this Stella Erbesi Oblo model is perfect for you. Its side has a heart cut out, which makes this model one of the cutest and most popular cots for babies.

This is not all. The drawer can easily slide to one side, revealing 2 spaces for storing your little one's bedding or other things he needs.

Also, the four wheels of this cot, made of rubber and plastic, will help you move it from one side of the room to another, ideal for when you have a very small space and need to use it in a way efficient and intelligent.

9.     Baby bed MOON WIFI Erbesi

Baby cot MOON WIFI Erbesi Solid Wood Beech Italy

If you are looking for a very special baby crib, then this Erbesi MOON WIFI model is exactly what you are looking for! In addition to the important functions that this crib has, its resistance and positive reviews, it also comes with a Plexiglas panel that, with the help of an LED strip, will offer your little one a light show in 8 colors, very special, which helps him sleep peacefully.

10.  Baby cot Beech Wood Twins

Baby cot Beech Wood Twins Transformable Twins Azzurra

Because it may happen that you have two miracles in your life that come into the world at the same time, in addition to the double joy and love that you give them unconditionally, we come to your aid with this cot model for twins from beech wood .

In this way, your babies will be safe next to each other, and you will be able to take care of them and supervise them permanently.

So, now that you have seen the most popular models of cots for babies, go to our website and choose the ideal option for you and your little one, at an affordable price and with a very high durability.