The most beautiful and practical gift ideas for pregnant mothers

Pregnancy can create a lot of discomfort for a woman and this happens because of the major changes that have occurred in her body. The arrival of a new family member is a unique and happy event, but until that moment, no one canceled the disturbing symptoms:) .

Thus, during this period the pregnant woman needs more understanding and support than you could imagine. How can you give them to him? By paying attention to details and to her needs.

That's how we humans are - used to showing our love and care through giving.

Below, we have collected ten gift ideas that will be of great use to the future mother.


  1. Maxi nursing pillow

Maxi nursing pillow

Breastfeeding pillows offer considerable comfort even during pregnancy. They ensure a healthy position, thus avoiding ailments in the neck and back areas. The MAXI dimensions make this pillow multifunctional for the baby as well, who in turn will enjoy a safe, comfortable area.

The materials from which it is made allow air circulation and promise resistance, quality, and washing is very easy at 40 degrees.

We are sure that the mother will be delighted with the choice made.


  1. Maternity bag

The bag is the most classic portable storage space. When purchasing it, it is good to take into account the future, more precisely the fact that its necessity will be felt for a long time from now, not only when leaving - leaving maternity.

Thus, it would be perfect for you to choose a model that can cope with cart rides.

Our store has designed several models from various materials, in order to satisfy the demands of mothers: bags made of ecological leather, fas, heat-insulating and with useful accessories, these being compact, organisers.

This gift is practical and affordable.

  1. Bed reducer

If you don't have children, but you intend to enjoy a pregnancy with an exceptional gift, then you might not even know exactly what a crib reducer means and what its role is.

A reducer offers comfort and safety for the baby (in the first months of life, when it does not sit on the bottom), feeling like in the arms of the mother. It is portable, practical aspect for outings in nature or at events. You can also customize your name, surname or date of birth.

The materials are of quality as well as the mattress from which it is made.

For cot and Babynest reducers, click HERE

  1. Pram-type basket for transporting babies

The baby carrier is very useful on the road, when he needs to sleep in a comfort similar to the cot at home.

Our baskets are made of cotton, with two handles and a light weight.

pram basket

  1. Photo frames and albums

The stock of memories is so exciting and important because it takes you back in time, it makes you relive the most beautiful moments of your life, even if this only happens when you scroll through the pictures.

Obviously, the photos meet that stock, and the safest place to keep them is a frame or a photo album.

The album is for the large "archive", and the frames are for home decoration, in which the most special captures can be found.

In this category, we have various colors, designs, sizes and customizations for girls and boys.

The pregnant woman will be delighted to receive such a gift, taking into account the fact that I will take thousands of pictures (mothers know why and how :) ).

  1. Night lights

In the last trimester, pregnant women don't really manage to sleep at night, either because of pain or physical discomfort, or the baby does "martial arts" in the belly :), or there is a state of impatience and emotion.

Regardless of the cause, the need for a warm light at night is felt even before the appearance of the benelus.

Everything starts with the night light "because I wake up often to drink water, to go to the bathroom, etc", then follows "baby wakes up often, baby wants milk, baby has a full diaper...". Thus, this accessory becomes indispensable (lighting the light bulb is not recommended, as it disturbs sleep, peace and affects the eyes) for a mother.

On our website you can find various models: lamp, chandelier, lamps with animals, plush toys with lamps, Nanan lamp.

  1. Wrap/Baby carrier/Baby carrier

Baby carriers are very practical and comfortable for spaces less accessible to strollers/tricycles.

When you want to run to the neighborhood store or when you go out in very crowded spaces, it is much faster and easier to use a baby carrier, you save time, and your back will not suffer as in the case of pushing a cart on curbs, lifting stairs, etc. (as a rule, mothers know all the potholes, stairs and narrow sidewalks in the city).

Baby Organic Cotton Wrap

Before purchasing such a gift for the pregnant woman, we recommend that you have a discussion with her and find out what her expectations are (you can do this without her realizing the surprise).


  1. Thermal Multifunctional Pillow

The pillow and collar 2 in 1 serves as a true relaxation for both mother and baby, soothing muscle pain, colic.

It has essential oils impregnated in it, being made and containing only natural materials.


In addition, the product can be easily disinfected by heating in the microwave, according to the instructions on the label.

Surely, the expectant mother does not suspect this surprising article, it pleasantly surprises her.


  1. Baby imprint kit

The smallest legs and hands in the life of any mother, they last only a few months, then they grow quickly and you wake up that you have an adult child.

baby fingerprint kit

To keep that innocent newborn touch, we recommend the kit that molds the imprint and you will enjoy it for a long time from now on.

The kit is in a frame, which means that it will have its place in the interior design of the house.


  1. sideboard

The chest of drawers or closet, regardless of the model, will be a mega useful space for the multitude of things that will rush through the pregnancy. Even if the family designed a room with furnished furniture, this way the clothes will find their place, but the package will also come with various care products, pampers, accessories.

Find out if they have a chest of drawers for storing all the details of raising a child.

Our dear customers, this was the top of the ten gifts recommended for pregnant women and we sincerely hope that our recommendations were useful to you and enlightened you regarding the uncertainties you had before accessing this article.

Long live the little ones and we are waiting for you to visit us anytime, both online and offline!