What types of kits are there and which kit to choose for your little one or your little one?

kits for baby girl christening

The baptism kit is one of the key elements that are part of the life of a new Christian. Even if apparently the things found in it are things frequently found and used in the life of a Christian, this kit is more important than we would have imagined, both from a material point of view, but especially from a spiritual point of view.

The mystery and tradition of baptism could not take place as we have known it since ancient times without this kit.

And for parents and godparents who hardly trust unseen things, but also for those who want to know the role of things in their lives, it is really important to know the meaning of the contents of a kit, but also the types of kits on the market. Knowing the differences makes the choice much easier, so that baptism preparations turn into a real pleasure for parents and spiritual parents.

Types of kits for baptism

Attention to detail is an extremely important aspect when it comes to christening kits. Every child is special, like the baptism of the little one. Completed with a series of traditions specific to the area the baby belongs to, baptism turns into a big step for the baby's spiritual development.

At Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului you will always find carefully created kits, especially for your babies, which will capture your full attention and which you can choose with the greatest ease according to your wishes and needs.

Suits for boys and girls

Babies are full of personality, even if they can't fully express it like adults. Godparents can opt for baptism kits for boys, but also for baptism kits for girls.

In this sense, the sets are as distinct as possible and suitable for each gender. Thus, for girls, cheerful colors and prints are used that girls have adored since ancient times, while for boys, prints will be chosen that denote their quality as true gentlemen and princes.

But the selection is also made from a chromatic point of view, where romantic and playful colors for girls are used, such as pink, red, rainbow shades or combinations of pastel shades, etc. and shades associated with boys such as blue, green, brown, etc. Neutral shades such as the ubiquitous white in baptism kits carefully and harmoniously balance the entire baptism set, highlighting even the smallest detail in the part, offering at the same time a little of the spirit of innocence with which this non-color is associated and the purity of the baby .

Cheap kits and luxury kits

The cheap christening kits from Camera Bebelusului are by no means made of inferior quality materials or with little attention to the harmony of the final result. All baptism kits benefit from the same increased attention and are made of the best quality materials, so that they can be considered a form of respect, a thank you, for the little one and for those who watch over him at the baptism, as well as for future.

The difference is given by the efforts necessary to transform these kits into top accessories that will become the most important memory in the baby's life. For example, luxury kits require a longer creation time and additional efforts for an increased number of details.

The luxury suits will be easily noticed by their finesse, but we can assure you that regardless of the chosen model, your efforts will be fully appreciated.

You don't have to worry about the contents of these kits either. Both the low-priced and the luxury kits contain all the necessary elements, namely the towel for babies and the one for the priest, the bottle for anointing, the soap for the priest, the cloth and the myrrh veil. All this is offered as a gift along with a special and refined box specially created for the baptism kit.

Basic kits and customized kits

Do you want to give your spiritual child a special baptism, as is remembered only in stories? Personalized kits are in this case the best option for you and for the future Christian.

baby kits for baptism girl and boy annebebe

Depending on the preferences and wishes of the noses, the kits can be customized to your liking, both from a chromatic point of view, but also with regard to a series of special details. For example, you can choose to print the name of the little one and/or the date of baptism, the names of the spiritual parents, etc. on the towels, the cloth and the veil. Moreover, a series of symbols and motifs can be added upon request or you can request a special design as you have always imagined. All this meticulous process of personalizing the accessories present in the little one's kit will undoubtedly be appreciated. We could even say that such a kit will turn into a real piece of art, with and about the most important day in the life of the little Christian.

Moreover, you can also opt for the basic kits, opting for the kit variants available on the website as a presentation, at the Baby's Room. These kits come in a standard format, which means that the kit will include exactly the parts that you can admire in the photos, with the related details and construction.

Therefore, you can choose baptism kits for girls with unicorns, butterflies, bows, etc. or for kits with bows for boys, kits with teddy bears or lace, etc.

Whatever your choice, we are with you with everything you need for a story baptism, every time, building unforgettable emotions and memories.