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The christening of a baby is truly a special moment that parents live with maximum intensity and that they often carefully prepare from the moment they are in the womb. The joy grows from one day to the next and in the souls of the noses, but also of the guests, who are excitedly waiting to meet the newest member of the family. You can often see on the face of a baby a divine silence with which the little one is surrounded.

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All the details have a special importance and meaning for this ritual, and everything must go flawlessly. Christian tradition says that the baptismal candles bring with them the light of absolute divinity that enters the house and the life of the newly christened little one. That is why, together with baptism, the child does not receive a holy name, but also his own angels who will watch over him day and night.

That is why the baptism candle is more than a simple accessory in the development of the two stages (the actual baptism and the anointing the next day) and more than a gift or a physical obligation on the part of the priests. Through the baptismal candles, the godparents take care of a spiritual son, promising to take care of him, who is also said to be their child even in the afterlife.

Therefore, the meticulous attention to details and the type of candles chosen is by no means a fad or a gesture too grand for a christening.

Types of candles for baptism

Candles for baptism can be divided into many types, which is why parents often see their choice as a real challenge.

But at Camera Bebelusului and Anne Bebe we offer a series of special candles, designed by hand with all the love and enthusiasm of a wonderful team who make every effort to provide you with the most special candles and baptismal accessories. Thus, in our stores you will find both individual candles and christening packages at advantageous prices.

Here are the types of candles you will find in our portfolio and their specific characteristics.

Cheap candles and luxury candles

Candles do not have to be an expensive investment, but for a small addition you can opt for a luxury candle, a completely and completely special candle. Luxury candles are rich in details and elements, as well as in terms of their weight. For example, you can opt for a christening candle with generous tulle, babies and/or teddy bears.

Of course, this does not mean that the classic and slightly more accessible models will not live up to expectations. You will discover a lot of cute handmade candles, with special attention to the creation of each individual model, candles with many layers of tulle, lace, bows, flowers, etc.

Personalized candles

candle baptize the swan

We are convinced that personalized accessories are the most beautiful accessories present at an event of such importance as baptism. Those small personal details give a special note about the event itself, as well as about the person in the center of attention, demonstrating at the same time the organizational involvement and the efforts made by nasi.

Thus, the candles can be personalized with the name of the little one, with the date of baptism, they can be carefully decorated according to the preferences of the noses and in relation to the materials and colors of the other accessories in the baptism kit.

These candles are all the more special in relation to the overall contrast of the details, offering an elegant and refined air to the entire event.

Candles for boys and girls

The most inspired candles are also chosen according to the gender of the child, where we can recommend the choice of candles in shades of green, blue, black, etc. but also shades of red, pink, multicolored, etc. with teddy bears for boys or unicorns and dolls, for girls.

Baptism candles can be easily adapted according to the gender of the child and the requirements of the noses.

Short and long candles

Surely you already know that candles of different sizes are easily found, which is why purchasing a candle can be even more challenging. But which of them are more suitable for baptism?

Both will of course be useful and suitable for baptism, but the smaller ones have more advantages. We recommend the short candles with a diameter of 7 cm, a circumference of 22.5 cm and a height of 34 cm, these candles having the ideal shape and size to be held easily and to be transported and stored ergonomically, without taking up too much space space, at the same time preventing possible unwanted incidents.

The proportions and weight of the details on these candles is perfectly established so that the candles actually turn into an artistic element.

At the same time, these candles can be easily handled and placed in a candle holder so that the candle benefits from stability, but they are also accompanied by a box that protects it in the long term.

Traditional and modern design candles

traditional annebebe baptism candle

In recent years, the traditional theme for organizing events is more and more impressive. Thus, more and more parents are opting for a traditional Romanian baptism, where there are also baptismal candles decorated in this way.

Our portfolio also includes these candles decorated with string, dried and/or natural flowers, woven textile material, etc.

But of course, at the opposite end there are also sophisticated candles with a modern design, which convey the finesse and modern elegance of the baby's outfit (candles with velvet, cotton, fabric, tulle, etc. details).

Regardless of the desired type of candle, we are available everywhere to give life together to the most beautiful moments of your life.

We are waiting for you to discover our baptism candles and/or customize them to your liking, in the Anne Bebe workshops or on www.camerabebelusului.ro. Together we build emotions and unforgettable moments!