Where babies' dreams come true.

Where he begins to feel what "home" means.

dad and nan furniture for the baby's room

Yes, dreams do come true!

All children are unique and so are their dreams. To turn them into reality, the team of Erbesi stylists combined with technical mastery and emotion, safety and delicacy to create the most beautiful treasures for your baby: his crib, the furniture on which he will rest his hands for the first time, the toys that he will he touches for the first time and which will be imprinted in his mind maybe for the rest of his life.

How to decorate the baby's room with good taste?

You took the pregnancy test again and it's official: you're pregnant! Congratulations. This is wonderful news. We know that you are trying a lot of feelings about the life that is now starting to grow in your womb. You are most likely excited about the arrival of your little one and excited to start decorating the room where you will welcome him forever in your life.

Maybe you've already seen a lot of photos of baby room arrangements, with pink or pastel blue tones, but you have an affinity for a more luxurious option. Your whole house is beautifully decorated and you would like to keep this top line for the baby's room, which will surely become very lively in the coming years.

Fortunately, with a little planning, creativity and determination, it is very possible to create an elegant space that beautifully complements the rest of your home.

The furniture - the first time

Before selecting the colors for the walls of the baby's room, it is wise to choose the furniture for the room. Thus, you will be sure that everything will complement perfectly: walls, ceiling, doors, furniture. It starts with a comfortable and high-quality crib mattress and a special baby crib , so that the room looks its best.

baby room furniture

You can skip choosing a theme

Even though lately more and more parents are trying to find a theme for the baby's room, you can easily skip this step, if you feel like it. Instead, the eclectic, charming decorations have a specific personality and match perfectly with the smile and innocence of the babies.

Have fun arranging the baby's room and enjoy this period

The next 9 months will pass faster than you could imagine. Very soon you will be able to hold your little one in your arms, see how he sleeps and how he moves in his crib. Enjoy this special time and choose stylish pieces for the baby's room - you and your baby should feel wonderful in this room and spend as much time together as possible.

Remember that a beautiful crib can transform a monotonous room into a children's paradise, from the first days of life. Create a special space for your baby, a space where he can explore, dream and feel all the love of his parents.

babynest nana

Dad and Nan: the perfect combination for arranging the baby's room

Say welcome to your baby, waiting for him in a warm place full of love, created with care and love by Erbesi designers, a brand distinguished by its unique style and refined quality. Our Nanan and Tato decorations are the sure-fire choice for parents who want nothing but the best for their child.

Discover original furnishing ideas and dare to create an epic space for your baby from the first day and from the first night he will spend at home. For him, "home" starts with his crib, with you, with his room.

Baby cot Dad

nanan baby room furniture

The cots from the Tato collection are really special. Made of wood, beautifully finished, with safe, white bars, easy to see through them, with the detail of cute bears, these cots will fascinate babies, help them develop properly and feel comfortable, loved.

On the other hand, you will have the peace of mind that your baby is safe in this crib. You will be able to see it easily, and the fact that the cot has wheels will help you move it easily from one corner of the room to another.

The wood from which the Tato cot is made is solid, durable and resistant, and the designers at Erbesi only used special water-based paint. The cot includes a firm, comfortable mattress for the baby. It can be adjusted in two positions, for newborns up to 6 months (high), and then for explorers from 6 months to 5 years (low). The sides can be removed to create a small sofa for children over 2-3 years old.

Here, the Tato crib grows at the same time as your baby, and this is wonderful. It accompanies him up to 5 years and metamorphoses to meet his requirements at each stage of development.

baby furniture

The cot slides on 4 plastic and soft rubber wheels that protect the floor. It also has a braking system, for increased stability and safety. Every inch of the construction of the Tato cot is carefully finished and leaves no room for error. The wood is fine, very pleasant to the touch. In the lower part there is a generous drawer with two compartments for storing toys, linens or other essentials in the baby's room.

Click HERE to see the Tato cots.

Nanan Toys Puccio Collection

Together with the Tato cot, we recommend you opt for the Nanan toys. Both collections are from the same beautiful story for babies to fall asleep and love. Both the Tato cots and the Nanan toys bring cute and sweet bears to the fore, which the little ones will love from the first time.

You can opt for cot carousel, rocking chair, armchair, wicker chest for storage, musical teddy bear, bells, night light, bed linen, protective sides, mirror, table chair, organizer or comfortable pillow.

With Nanan and Tato it is very easy to create a unitary decoration for your baby. This playful and yet discreet style, cheerful and yet so elegant, makes the whole baby's room a dream.

For pleasant dreams, quality time and connection, for games in a small universe with big ideas, confidently choose Tato cots together with Nanan toys.

the baby's room

Professional design and luxury decorations. Find the perfect combination with the help of our wonderful and detailed collections, designed especially for babies. Pastel colors, warm styles and sweet design will allow you to create the perfect magical realm for your little one.