In the first months of being a new mother, you have many new experiences and challenges. One of these, which often causes anxiety, concerns the care of the baby's nails. Even if you are a real professional in cutting and taking care of your nails, when it comes to the baby's manicure and pedicure you notice that many things are different. It is. For example, a baby's nails are much softer than an adult's, and this is an extra concern not to cut the delicate skin or cause discomfort to the little one.

What do you need to know about the baby's manicure and pedicure?

Often, for a new mother, it is tempting to try to avoid this routine and pass it on to a more experienced parent or adult. However, in the end, you will also have to take care of the baby's manicure and pedicure. Therefore, below you will find some valuable tips that make this task safer, more practical and less stressful.

We will shed light on all the secrets related to the care and hygiene of newborn nails, so that in a short time you will become much more comfortable with this task. In addition, after you will learn to master one of the most difficult hygiene and care activities for a small child, you will become more confident in your parenting skills. Nothing compares to learning this essential care technique in the first year of the baby's life.

Set of 3 newborn manicure pieces

Order the right utensils for the baby's manicure and pedicure

Before you start cutting your little one's nails, you need to make sure you're using the right tools. In no case should you use your nail clippers or any scissors for the care of small nails. Add all manicure and pedicure items to the baby care list. If you are about to give birth, we recommend that you order the necessary utensils in advance. Maybe now, a 3-piece baby manicure set doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but when you have too much sleep and a lot of time to spend feeding the baby, you will definitely want to reduce the need for information as much as possible, search , to wait for an order or to reduce trips to the store.

Here are the essentials you need to add to the list:

  • a rounded scissors, special for small and delicate nails
  • a file for smoothing nails
  • a nail clipper for babies

In our online store you will find kits and sets that contain all the important accessories for the baby care routine. The advantage is that you can store them all in the same place and find them easily every time. They are also easy to slip into the baby's bag when you travel.

The right technique for cutting the baby's nails

After you have purchased all the necessary utensils for the baby's manicure and pedicure, it is time to learn to use them correctly. By memorizing a safe and reliable technique, you will be able to complete the task faster and faster. Most importantly, you will also be able to avoid discomfort and injury to the soft and delicate skin around the tiny nails.

Start by holding the baby's finger in a gentle but firm grip. Pull the skin under the nail down a little, so that the nail rises a little and moves away from the skin. While cutting the first nail, try to follow the natural curve of the finger. Do the same with the other nails, including the thumb. This technique will make the nails stay neat and smooth as they grow. It acts quickly, but safely and with confidence, so as not to pinch the baby's skin around the nail.

Pink Baby Manicure Set

When should you cut your baby's nails?

It is useful to know when to cut your little one's nails and when to avoid this practice. If the baby is hungry, tired or needs to be changed, he will most likely not be in the mood to cut his nails. Therefore, nurse him, let him sleep well or make sure his diaper is dry before you start cutting his nails. The calmer the baby is, the less he will move, and this will significantly reduce the anxiety that can overwhelm you.

You can also try to cut his nails after bath time, when the baby is relaxed and the nails are even softer. Apply a natural and light lotion on your hands and feet to keep the skin healthy and smooth. If the baby feels good with the socks on his feet, you can put them on immediately after applying the moisturizing lotion. This will keep the skin soft and smooth.

Cutting toenails

Fortunately, trimming toenails is similar to manicures, but there are some additional tips. If the nails are too long, you can use a nail file for newborns, because toenails do not grow as fast as fingernails. If any bleeding occurs, hold a cotton disc or a piece of gauze over the respective area for 1-2 minutes.

Ingrown toenail baby? What are you doing?

Sometimes, a nail can grow ingrown, and the little finger swells and turns a little red. Do not be scared. Here's what you need to do. Place the baby in a warm bath or soak the foot in soapy water for 10 minutes. Dry the respective area and massage an unscented children's lotion into the fold of the nail. If you do this daily, the nail should lift, move away from the skin and grow back normally.

Baby nail file: when do you use it?

Although it will be necessary to start cutting the baby's nails quite soon, in the first weeks you can only use the file. Often, parents consider this a safe and simple choice, especially when the baby is small and his nails do not grow too fast. Check the fingernails and toenails daily, and if the baby sleeps most of the day, you can file his nails while he sleeps.

baby manicure set

How do you prevent accidents and injuries?

When the baby becomes agitated while you are taking care of his nails, try to distract him. You can sing to them, talk to them calmly or you can ask your partner to show them a toy. If she starts to cry loudly, stop and come back later to cut her nails.

There is also a controversial tip circulating on the Internet: to bite the baby's nails, especially if it is a corner or a big nail. Don't do that! This practice can affect the integrity of the newborn's hands and feet and can transfer bacteria and diseases from your mouth to the skin of the little one.

Even if you are very careful, you can accidentally pinch sensitive skin. Do not panic, because this will affect the little one even more. Instead, pull yourself together and do what the doctors recommend. Pour clean and slightly cold water on the finger, gently cover the wound with a piece of gauze or a cotton disc and press a little on the area. When the bleeding stops, you can remove the gauze. Do not put a bandage over the wound, because the little one can bite it and there is a danger of suffocation.

4 more tips for baby's manicure and pedicure

1. If the baby has big fingernails, and you can't cut them right away, we recommend you to put gloves on them. Many newborns often touch their face and can scratch themselves, without realizing it.

gloves for babies

2. Add a 3-piece baby manicure set in your travel bag and you can take care of the nails when the baby is sleeping in the car seat or when he is relaxed, on a walk in the park.

3. For the health of the toenails, make sure that the baby wears loose and appropriate socks and slippers.

4. If the baby has an ingrown toenail that does not disappear in 7 - 14 days, consult the pediatrician.

A correct and healthy routine for baby nail care is fundamental to avoid infections, scratches, ingrown nails and baby discomfort. Keep in mind the tips above and it will be easier to learn the right technique for the manicure and pedicure of the small child.