Do you want to help your baby sleep easily? Do you want to get rid of that prolonged routine in which you try to put the baby to sleep for even an hour, until the situation exhausts you? Keep these tips in mind.

baby in crib

Baby's sleep routine in just 5 - 10 minutes

1. Create a positive sleep environment for your baby.

It is important to give him some hints of sleep during the bedtime routine.

Here we are talking about his own crib. Use this cot ONLY for sleeping, not for playing. You want your baby to associate this space with sleep, not play.

baby in crib

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Carousels, projections on the ceiling do not help the baby to learn to fall asleep in a healthy way. They only distract him and should be removed because they will actually stimulate the little one instead of calming him down and helping him fall asleep healthily.

It is useful for the room to have dark curtains, so that it is dark inside. White noise can help - whether we're talking about an iPod app or a white noise toy that can be set every few minutes. These are good signs that it's time for nannies.

Sleep cues are powerful elements that indicate that the baby is ready for sleep.

baby cot

These clues include:

  • darkness in the room
  • white noise or soothing music
  • changing the baby into a night body
  • putting in the sleeping bag
  • the fact that you say "Sleep well" (it's a key phrase)
  • you can show him a doll or an extra toy


When you breastfeed the baby, you can keep this plush toy close to you so that it can be impregnated with your scent. Thus, when the baby is left alone with his plush toy, he will caress easily even if he wakes up alone in his crib. This extra should not be more than 30 cm. Put it on your face to make sure it's breathable.

baby cot

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2. Create a consistent bedtime routine for the baby

If you can do these things methodically, they are very helpful. This baby bedtime routine should not last more than 5 minutes. Don't forget that babies love consistency and predictability. You can also follow this routine when you put him to sleep during the day, without changing his clothes.