The role of Montessori principles in child development

A few decades ago, the famous doctor and psychologist of Italian origin, Maria Montessori analyzed the influences that the environment has on children's development. This is how the Montessori principle was born, which aims to contribute to the early development of children.

Montessori concepts have developed widely, finding themselves today in the lifestyle of millions of children, even in terms of their upbringing from the earliest ages. And in Romania, the Montessori avalanche has become increasingly important in recent years, with the establishment of numerous kindergartens and learning programs that are based on the principles promoted by the pedagogue Maria Montessori.

What does Montessori mean?

Montessori is actually a method of education that is involved with vast influences in the development process of children.

Children who grow up after Montessori education are more receptive, their cognitive skills develop more easily, they have a series of physiological reflections. For example, they can learn how to coordinate and concentrate better, develop dialogue, motor characteristics, etc. ... practically all the skills for a future young and healthy adult, who does not encounter difficulties in carrying out usual activities in everyday life or who develop a series of stimuli capable of helping him discover solutions to solve problems or responsibilities professional.

The Montessori technique is mainly inspired by nature, where the end result is still unitary, pleasant, interesting and constantly attracting attention, constantly contributing to development and the acquisition of reflexes.

annebebe children's armchair

Montessori means balance, minimalist decoration in the child's room, furniture adapted to his stature and needs. This is, for example, the Beige Armchair from Nanan, with a pastel, royal and playful presence. It is 100% safe for babies and is tailored to their height: 50 x 40 x 36 cm.

Montessori toys are very much oriented towards reality, because there is this theory that the little ones work rather than play when they put their hands on an object.

Montessori and raising children?

If we are to analyze the lifestyle of a baby developed on the basis of Montessori principles, you will be impressed to learn that there are numerous accessories that you can use for this form of harmonious development.

In Montessori, the way in which the child's room is arranged is very important, the furniture and articles with which they come into contact being related to their specific needs both in terms of shape and material, so as to prevent some incidents and to contribute to the development of the previously mentioned reflexes. The colors are no exception! Strong colors can attract attention, but they can agitate the child, induce an anxious, unpleasant state, on the basis of which the feeling of fear can develop, while light and/or natural colors offer a feeling of harmony, of psychological peace .

Cots for co-sleeping

Although the Montessori technique provides for the baby/child to enjoy freedom and develop practically alone, there are few parents who choose to go to extremes and let their baby sleep directly on the floor or on a simple mattress with a reduced height, which will allow him to climb it alone. However, you can create a balance and harmony, taking into account the child and what you feel. In the first months of life, it will be more comfortable for you and the baby to sleep together, but you can put him in the special crib for cosleeping, next to you.

Thus, you will be able to wake up easily at night to nurse him and you will create a deeper relationship. In the morning you will wake up more energetic, and your baby will be happier after a quiet night spent close to you. Of course, as the child grows, you can be selective and make the best choices for your child, including options promoted in Montessori pedagogy, which has proven many times fruitful in the good development of young children.

In the first months of life, the baby's reflexes are not sufficiently developed, so you can also use cosleeping cots from Nanan, Puccio or Azzura, which are specially tailored to take care of the health and rest of the little one, while these cots also allow contact with parents. During the day, you can use the babynests, which will ensure the same optimal position and the same comfort for the little one, under the careful supervision of the parents.

azzura cot for babies, minimal design

The furniture for the child's room

Thus, the emphasis on quality, durability, as well as health, also falls on the task of choosing the furniture or the things with which the little one will come into contact. For example, light colors are used when decorating the room, and the furniture is cheerful, in shades that induce a state of relaxation, but which is carefully designed in such a way as to prevent a series of incidents (finished edges, durable furniture, models cute decorations that will attract the little one's attention and arouse his desire for knowledge). Adjustable mattresses with a role against gastric reflux also contribute to the development of the child according to the Montessori technique.

Stimulating toys for babies

Moreover, the toys with which the little one will come into contact are no exception, recommended being the carousels for the crib that the baby can analyze and which improve his perception through the games of sounds and lights, as well as the thermal bears against colic, which will transform into magical friends with miraculous powers in the uncomfortable moments of the first period of life. These toys are specially designed from safe, pleasant to the touch materials.

Textile articles and clothes for babies

In addition to the room decor and the pieces of furniture that will contribute day by day to the development and early education of the baby, the emphasis also falls on the textile pieces. Here we can talk about the baby's clothes or the bed linen, which must also be made of pleasant materials with their sensitive skin. Recommended are those made of organic cotton, which have a much more durable fabric and a more comfortable everyday wear.

At the Baby Room, all pieces of furniture and accessories are certified, being easy to integrate into the child's life for a harmonious development and in relation to Montessori provisions.

In raising your baby, we recommend you to remain a balanced person, to inform yourself, to choose what you consider to be better for your child and your lifestyle, in accordance with the values ​​you want to teach him. We stay here, with you!