As soon as babies are born, they become inseparable from their parents. They feel safe only when their mother wraps them in warm hugs or when their father kisses them goodnight. Over time, however, it is necessary for adults to get the little ones used to sleeping alone, in a room specially designed for them, thus benefiting from extra space and comfort.

The baby's room must be carefully organized, down to the smallest detail. This will be your magical wonderland, where he will spend most of his playing hours and learn to discover the world around him with small steps.

Baby furniture and furniture - Discounts up to 45%

furniture for babies

The winter holidays are the perfect opportunity to invest in your baby's room, this being a gift of proportions that he will be able to enjoy for many years to come. It is very important that each element in the room is chosen specifically to suit the age and the personality of the little one.

The white furniture on our website, reduced this winter by up to 45%, is among the top choices of parents who have decided to decorate their child's room. Over time, studies have shown that neutral color shades manage to calm and create harmony in the minds of babies.

NANAN accessories - Discounts up to 65%


As if, in addition to the original furniture, a series of NANAN accessories, such as tables, mats or even toys, await your baby in his new room. This brand is recognized internationally for various products for children and represents one of the best decisions when it comes to the quality-price ratio.

If you have decided to organize your little one's room around Christmas, certainly next to the colorful tree that cannot be missing from the room full of magic, there must be at least one fun toy, which your child will consider like a " roommate", a reliable comrade who will be by his side in any difficult situation.

Overalls - Discounts up to 20%

baby red jumpsuit

The renovations in the house have ended and all that remains is to enjoy the frosty season with your baby, but not before making sure that there is one of the Anne Bebe overalls in his wardrobe! These one-piece garments are the best choice when it comes to the days when the little one will find out for the first time how snowflakes feel on hot skin or what a life-size snowman looks like.

So that the cold is not an obstacle, and the days of playing in the snow are as frequent as possible, it is important that in your baby's new dresser there is a carefully selected range of thicker clothes. For this, our team has created a whole category of overalls, ready to protect your little one from the frost.

Super Sale - products from 7 lei

On Christmas morning, every parent wants to succeed in impressing his little one with all kinds of colorful gifts, which he can find excitedly under the decorated tree.

If you want diversity when it comes to gifts for the little one, it means that you definitely have to take a look at the discounted products on the Anne Bebe website. Are the clothes not enough? No problem, in the category of super discounts you will be able to find toys, photo frames, pillows, and many other surprises.

Xmas Sale - What wonderful gifts Mosul has for the little ones

Organic cotton baby body

Christmas is fast approaching and you still have no inspiration for your little one's gift? Let us present you some successful gift options, which any child would be happy to find under the tree.

1. Red Christmas Dress With Big Black Polka Dots For Girls

Baby Ballerina & Headband Set

What little girl wouldn't be happy that her super power is the ability to turn into a ladybug whenever she wants? This adorable costume will allow your daughter to dream and join her favorite super heroes!

2. Hat & Scarf Set Navy Blue With Wolf & Picks Boys

baby hat and scarf set

It was the boys' turn to be pampered by Santa Claus. For them, our team has prepared countless options of sets containing hats and scarves with prints suitable for the winter holidays, but also other products such as tracksuits, winter jackets or hoodies, all at very low prices.

Every winter, it remains the parents' duty to play the role of Santa's helpers and fill his bag with the most beautiful gifts for their baby. This year, Anne Bebe has prepared a long-awaited series of discounts that none of the Christmas "elves" can miss.