Recommendations from parents for furniture and accessories

The Baby's room can be decorated and furnished in a wide variety of styles, depending on the parents' personality, preferences, and budget. The Baby's Room tried to find out what parents' preferences are regarding furniture and accessories for the little one's room. Thus, we will present you some recommendations from parents, regardless of whether they are bloggers, interior designers or specialists in child psychology.

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One of the most common recommendations of parents concerns co-sleeping. The advantages of cosleeping are already well-known at this point. It would seem that a stronger bond is formed between parents and children when cosleeping is practiced. However, there are certain risks for the little ones, if parents choose to share the same bed with babies younger than three months. The most important risk is of course that of suffocation. To avoid such problems, parents recommend using a co-sleeping cot. This type of crib offers all the advantages of co-sleeping, but in addition to these, it offers the safety of the little one. By using a co-sleeping cot, the baby will be in the immediate vicinity of the parents, so that the risk of suffocation during sleep with bedding is eliminated, but at the same time a particularly easy access to the little one is allowed, when it is necessary that it should be breastfed, changed or simply caressed. Parents generally recommend that such a crib be made of natural, quality materials, such as beech wood. One such cot is the co-sleeping Ninna.

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Ninna co-sleeping cot

The Ninna cot for babies has a mattress and linen included and is ideal to be placed in the parents' room, but also in any other room it is needed during the day or night. The cot is provided with four swivel wheels, which allow it to move easily inside the house, but also with four blockers, which allow the position to be fixed when this is desired. As it is a cot for newborns and babies,

it is important that its edges are rounded and properly finished, so that the little one is safe from any kind of dangers or accidents. And to make it as easy as possible to adapt the cot to the adult bed, the manufacturers provided the Ninna co-sleeper cot with five adjustable height positions and a removable side. Thus, the baby will be able to rest safely with the mother or parents.

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The Ninna cot for babies is a stable and safe cot, made of beech wood and finished with water-based, non-toxic varnishes. It can be used both attached to the parents' bed and individually, being suitable for any room, both for rest and for activities during the day. The Ninna co-sleeper bed also includes linen, it is provided with a removable side and wheels made of plastic and soft rubber, so that it can be moved easily and in complete safety.

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The importance of organic bedding in arranging the baby's and children's room

Parents recommend the activity of co-sleeping because it mainly represents a natural way of raising the child. Even if for older children, cosleeping is possible even in the bed of adults, it is still not recommended before three months. However, it is important to choose for the baby's cot and protective mattresses and bedding made of organic materials, which allow optimal air circulation, without favoring the development of bacteria or moisture retention.


Parents recommend the use of organic bedding, considering the fact that the skin of babies and children is particularly sensitive. The organic materials thus offer favorable conditions for the development of the little ones, in a safe, non-toxic environment, which allows adequate ventilation, maintaining an ideal temperature, ensuring the comfort of the little one.

Versatile pieces of furniture, made of natural materials, in neutral colors


As far as furniture is concerned, parents generally recommend choosing versatile pieces, made of durable, natural materials as much as possible, but which also offer a generous storage space for clothes, toys or indispensable accessories for any newborn. For the little one's room, parents also recommend using a rocking chair or a play center, which will keep the little one occupied throughout the day and which will allow you to take care of your daily chores.

The parents' recommendation for the use of natural materials refers both to the pieces of furniture, which would ideally be made of good quality wood, with particular care and attention, respecting the highest safety standards, but which at the same time should be beautifully decorated , to complete the atmosphere in the baby's room, but also for accessories.

When do we choose furniture sets or individual pieces?

In the Baby's Room we have available a rich offer of furniture products that you can purchase either individually or in a set. You can choose between the promotional packages of 3, 4, 5 or 6 plus pieces, depending on the design and the favorite collection, the color palette, the dimensions of the room, but also the budget. The furniture in soft shades of gray and beige is at the top of parents' preferences, being extremely versatile and can be easily combined and used both in a baby room decorated in a classic and modern style. For those parents who want a more special arrangement, they can choose pieces of furniture with a more rounded or oval format, or those decorated with Swarovski stones.

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When we choose a light-colored piece of furniture, we have many possibilities to personalize the room with the help of accessories and decorations. This makes it possible that in a few years, when the child expresses the desire to have a more personalized room, we do not have to reinvest large sums of money, but to adapt the existing furniture to the desired design style, completing it with colorful pieces , according to the children's preferences.

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Why is it good to choose pieces of furniture that offer generous storage spaces?

Regardless of whether the space we have for arranging the baby's room is small or particularly generous, it is ideal to use the available pieces of furniture to organize all the things we need. Thus, as the child grows, we must take into account the fact that he will need many more things and clothes, which will require more and more space, but books or things for kindergarten or school will also be needed . Careful and early planning and the purchase of pieces of furniture that can be converted or that can be used as such, will save you in the long term from many unnecessary costs, but also from the stress associated with remodeling a room. Thus, whether you are furnishing or re-furnishing the little one's room, in the Baby Room by Anne Bebe you will find only the best quality products, with an exceptional design, appreciated by parents and children alike!

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