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Campaign Valid from September 1st to September 30th !

Find out the discount codes, read why it's worth ordering complete package furniture for the baby's room and finally, discover what parents say about Erbesi furniture.

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Planning is everything. And when you are going to have a child, suddenly your instinct for maximum responsibility for everything that involves the choices for your baby is activated. It is normal; you want to make sure that you wait for the little one properly: with lots of love, with enthusiasm, with a bed where he can feel comfortable when he sleeps or practices hand and footwork. You want to wait for him with a special room that he will discover little by little, as he grows. You and your baby will have to adapt on the fly and get used to the new life. That is why the details are so important at this point.

You wonder when you should buy the furniture

for your baby?

First of all, it's great that you're thinking about this. From experience, we can tell you that there are parents who start arranging the baby's room from the first trimester of pregnancy, but there are also parents who prefer to wait for the baby to come into the world and order the furniture as close as possible to the date of birth.

At the end, we have prepared some testimonials that we received from our customers so that you can make up your own mind about their experience ordering furniture for babies.

Until then, our recommendation is to do what you feel. We are also happy to announce that we have created a plan with special discounts every month.

  • Do you want to receive the baby's furniture in September? We offer you a 5% discount. Use the discount code 05BABY in the shopping cart.
  • Baby is on the way and you have calculated that it would be good to receive the furniture for his room in October. Wonderful. We offer you a 7% discount. Just enter the code 07BABY when placing the order on the website.
  • Does your tummy still have something to wait for, so will there be enough time to set up the most beautiful room for the child starting in November? Perfect. We offer you a 9% discount and keep what you save to buy more of the things needed for the baby. The code is 09BABY
  • You are extremely excited, but your baby is growing quietly in your belly and there is still enough time until you will hold him in your arms for the first time? Look, we offer you a 15% discount if you place an order now for baby furniture with delivery in January (discount code 15BABY ). Until then, you can complete other important things on the list, such as emptying the room you thought for him and painting it in the colors of your choice, doing sports, eating healthy and taking care of your condition of spirit.

We created this plan with the possibility of saving so that you can easily find the package that suits you and to be closer to you in the race to prepare the most beautiful room for the miracle that you are expecting soon in your life. We are as excited as you are. We understand your concern and enthusiasm.

Erbesi - baby furniture created with dedication and love

Erbesi is an international brand appreciated for its exceptional quality. In the Erbesi universe there is no place for compromises , but every detail matters enormously . The finishes are of the best quality. Pastel colors, safety and protection elements, fine details - all work perfectly together to create ultra-modern furniture , tailored to the latest requirements . We are very proud to have in our offer the furniture of the Italian manufacturer Erbesi and to recommend it further to parents and future parents.

We have created special promotions made up of several pieces, because we know how important it is to find a product according to your needs and budget . That's why we invite you to browse the baby furniture sets created from 3, 4, 6 or even 9 pieces. If you have questions, you can contact us at any time.

Furniture sets with 3 pieces

One order and 3 problems solved instantly

The smallest baby furniture packages include 3 basic pieces, indispensable in the baby's room: the cot, the mattress and the necessary protections . When you order these products, it is extremely important that they blend perfectly, and with Erbesi you have solved this problem.

Imagine what it would be like to buy the cot, mattress and protective elements separately. You risk that they will not match from a physical and chromatic point of view. You lose time and stress with several orders, and the final result could be an unbalanced room in terms of colors, shapes and furnishing ideas.

Most of the time, you might arrange the baby's room once in your life (considering that for the second or third child you will keep all or part of the furniture from the first baby). However, decorating the baby's room is not something you do every year. Your child will spend his first months in this crib. That's why it's worth taking the necessary time and making the right choice for him... the first time.

See also the sets with 4 pieces - click HERE

And the 5-piece sets - click HERE

Why choose a complete furniture set for the baby's room, with 6 or 9 pieces

Harmoniously configuring a baby's room is not an easy task, but the complete packages greatly facilitate this mission. Practically, you don't have to worry about whether the cot matches the wardrobe, dresser with changing table, etc. Contrary to appearances, the baby's room does not have to be a chore. The shades must be pleasant and delicate , exactly as those proposed by Erbesi.

The Italian manufacturer does not stop at light and warm colors, safety elements, but adds new childish and sweet details - such as the insertion of stars, bears or hearts. It's impossible not to fall in love with this piece of furniture, as if taken from a story book .

And if you order a complete package, all the parts will be homogeneous: the cot and mattress, chest of drawers, changing table, cabinet and wardrobe for clothes. It will be much easier to finalize the appearance of the baby's room , after introducing all these main elements, beautifully made.

You have many reasons to opt for the complete package of baby furniture from the beginning : you get rid of stress and running, you cut several important points from your "To buy" list at once, you receive all the pieces at the same time, there is an absolute harmony between all the included parts, you save time and money.

  • If you are on the last hundred meters, order the furniture for the baby's room now. We will deliver it to you on time.
  • Do you think it is still too early to order furniture for the baby's room? Think twice! Even if you will be born in 2021 or in the last month of 2020, do your homework from now on and you only have to win . Order the furniture with delivery in December and get the biggest discount : 15%.

Regardless of when you give birth, we stay with you with advice, ideas and the best prices for your baby's needs.

Here's what parents say about Erbesi furniture and when is the right time to order furniture for the baby's room?


I ordered the Erbesi furniture for our baby in the second trimester of pregnancy, when I still had the energy to help prepare things, and the belly was not so big. By the end of the pregnancy, my belly had grown a lot and I was exhausted, so it would have been too stressful to take care of ordering and decorating the baby's room. - Irina Stanescu

3 piece package

I suggest you order the furniture as soon as you find out the sex of the baby. We placed the order for the last hundred meters. I received the crib and the order in about 7 days and I finished setting up the room 4 days before the baby was born. Erbesi furniture is extremely beautiful and with a special finish. We were glad that we found him in time. - Ioan Dascalu

I ordered the furniture when I was 6 months pregnant. The main reason was to be sure that everything is fine with the baby. The Erbesi cot, chest of drawers and wardrobe are absolutely gorgeous. It looks better than in the photos on the website. - Angela

We were so happy that we were going to have a baby, that we started looking for baby furniture the next day. Too soon, some would say. But for us it was perfect like that. It took us about a month to decide, we ordered in advance and were able to benefit from a considerable discount. We really like the furniture we received and it matches our style and what we want to pass on to our child. It was easy to assemble it (and we didn't do it on the run), it is very practical, the pieces fit together very well. We like that although the furniture is solid and well made, its appearance is very cute. We recommend, of course! - Cristiana and Petre, parents of baby Matei.

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