What do we need to know about organic and bamboo diapers and linens?

What is bamboo and how is it obtained?

Bamboo is a natural material, which is obtained through an organic process, which means that no pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides were used in the production process. The fact that bamboo is an organic material makes it one of the ideal materials to be used in contact with the sensitive skin of babies.

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Regardless of whether we refer to bamboo diapers or other products such as blankets, sheets or towels, each of these products reflects the special qualities of this natural, organic material, which is also hypoallergenic, has antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, products made from bamboo allow the sensitive skin of the baby to breathe, which means that there is a much lower risk of the baby developing allergies or hives.

Optimum air circulation and 70% greater absorption than cotton

Being a natural material, bamboo offers optimal air circulation, but also maintains a low temperature at the level of the diaper, which will not allow the development of bacteria. If we refer to the absorption capacity of bamboo, we must mention the fact that this material can absorb 70% more liquid than cotton, which means that the risk of leaks is much lower.

This quality is mainly due to the fact that bamboo is a porous material, which after absorbing the liquid succeeds in creating a protective barrier between the liquid and the babies' skin. Bamboo diapers also have heat-insulating properties, which means they manage to keep a low temperature in the summer and a high temperature in the winter. Bamboo products have a higher degree of elasticity, therefore they will adapt better to the baby's body and will resist his movements while playing or resting.

Bamboo, a material friendly to the environment, but also to the baby's sensitive skin

For those of us who are concerned about protecting the environment, we must also mention the fact that bamboo diapers are also 100% biodegradable. They are made of a natural material, which can be easily replaced, thus becoming a green alternative to the classic versions of diapers.

Bamboo is considered to be a green alternative in terms of crops, due to the fact that it has the ability to absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide, compared to other plants or trees. When we talk about protecting the environment, we must mention the fact that bamboo products are friendly to the environment, since they are made from an organic fiber, obtained naturally. 100% biodegradable, obtained from crops that generate 30% more oxygen than other crops, and that reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, bamboo enriches the soil at the same time, having an extreme growth process of fast.

Bamboo products, incredibly soft and comfortable to wear

Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, bamboo products also offer the advantage of better fitting babies' bodies. Bamboo diapers are much thinner, which should not be a cause for concern, this is mainly due to the special qualities of the material and the fact that so many layers of material will not be needed to ensure increased protection.

Due to the high absorption capacity, products made of bamboo (regardless of whether we are talking about diapers, towels or blankets) represent an ideal solution to protect the baby during the night, as they absorb moisture, but also have excellent thermal insulating properties.

Organic products offered by Camera Bebelusului

In the Baby's Room, packages consisting of 3 textile diapers for babies are available, extremely soft and comfortable, made of natural cotton fibers, extremely resistant, which can be used safely for babies as well. The textile material from which these BabyOno green diapers are made has anti-allergic, anti-mite properties. Textile diapers belong to the category of multifunctional products, which can be used as changing diapers, being extremely absorbent, but at the same time allowing the sensitive skin of the baby to breathe, they can be used as a nursing diaper, as protection for the bed, stroller or changing table, but also as a blanket. They can be used from birth. The set of three BabyOno diapers is decorated with cheerful and playful prints, two diapers being white with prints, and the third being colored in attractive shades. Depending on the arrangement of the baby's room, we can choose the set that perfectly matches the chosen arrangement style.

In the Baby's Room, we have made available a special section of organic products for babies, which contains linen sets for the baby's cot made of bamboo, as well as muslin, sets of bamboo towels, sheets, diapers, hooded towels, and cotton bags organic for mothers.

Andy & Helen bio collection 2020

Starting this spring, in the Baby's Room, products and organic bedding from the Andy & Helen 2020 collection will be available. The 3-piece baby cot set from the new Andy & Helen collection is made of organic cotton and is decorated with cream-colored teddy bears. This underwear set can be used for all children, having anti-allergic properties, which makes it suitable even for children with increased sensitivity.

The set is composed of a sheet for the bed mattress provided with elastic, which ensures an ideal protection of the mattress, but which sits perfectly on its surface, remaining fixed regardless of the movements that the baby will make. Considering the materials from which they are made, they allow optimal ventilation and increased protection of babies' sensitive skin. All parts can be used for cots that have dimensions of 60 x 120 cm, 63 x 127 cm or 60 x 127 cm.

Organic cotton or bamboo products follow the latest trends in materials, considering their special qualities, wide accessibility, but also the fact that they are extremely eco-friendly. Thus, these products become the ideal choice when we want to ensure a healthy growth and development of the little ones, as little contact as possible with chemical substances, but also an efficient protection of the environment.