There are many wonderful and exciting stages in the first year of your baby's life, and his first tooth is one of them. Although the baby's smile will become more and more cute, since it has teeth, this whole process is often accompanied by pain, crying and discomfort - both for the little one and for the parents.

When the few-month-old baby finally starts to find a sleep routine and you feel like you can breathe a sigh of relief, something new appears - toothache. You don't even have time to enjoy the extra hours of sleep, because the baby may wake up at night crying because of teething pain.

Here's how you can ease gum pain so that you and your baby feel much better and get through this new stage of growth and development together.

How do you relieve gum pain?

teething toys

First of all, you should know that most babies have their first tooth around the age of 6 months, but this threshold is purely informative. In reality, the first tooth can appear earlier or later than 6 months. Usually, the two lower, front teeth (lower central incisors) appear first, followed by the two upper central teeth (upper central incisors). Then, the baby will be able to enjoy the side and back teeth, so that by the age of 3 your child will have a complete set of teeth.

However, babies can have teething symptoms long before the first teeth actually erupt.

Gum pain

Some babies (and parents) are luckier because they won't feel these pains before the milk teeth erupt. Others may have pain, but without feeling too much discomfort. Finally, there are also babies who struggle more with gum pain.

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Here are some symptoms and signs that show that the first teeth are about to erupt:

- saliva

- baby wants to chew or gnaw something

- baby is very agitated and restless

- he can't rest well

- has swollen gums or a visible erupting tooth

- has low appetite

- he pulls his ear

- his body temperature changes easily.

The good news is that gum pain becomes more intense as the tooth pierces the gums, then disappears. There are some things you can do to help your child get through this painful stage. You can also avoid certain things.

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What to do?

- Massage the baby's gums with a clean finger to soothe the pain

- Give the child a solid teething toy or a cold cloth to chew on.

What NOT to do?

- do not give the child frozen teething rings, because they can hurt the little one's gums

- do not give medicine to the child before talking to the pediatrician.

Teething toys

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These toys prove to be very effective in relieving toothaches. They can have different shapes and colors, and these toys offer a lot of benefits for babies who face gum pain.

- Banish the pain

According to pediatricians, 10 - 15% of babies experience pain and major discomfort during teething processes. To alleviate the pain, babies begin to suck and chew everything they can get their hands on. Teething toys are designed for this purpose, to help babies feel less pain and to make the whole teething process more bearable. There are parents who use these toys even when the baby is hungry, as a temporary solution, while you prepare the meal.

- A varied range of options

There is a huge range of teething toys, and we have dedicated a separate category to them. When you choose such a toy, we recommend that you choose one that your child can hold and easily put in his mouth, so that it is comfortable while he chews on it.

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- Teething toys are safe to use

Safety should always come first when giving a toy to your little one. From this point of view, you can have peace of mind because in our offer you will only find safe toys, without BPA, lead, phthalates, heavy metals, cadmium and other toxic and harmful substances. We recommend the wooden teething toys.

We are waiting for you on the website to discover our special offer of teething toys. Give them to your child and you will be able to get through the period of discomfort created by gum pain more smoothly together.