You already know: the crib is the main piece of furniture in the baby's room. It is the one that excites you the most when the baby is still in your belly, but you have started arranging his room. Because you are about to receive a special guest in your life, it is understandable that you want to prepare as well as you can.

The birth of a child is a unique event, and if you will soon meet your little girl or boy, we fully understand your emotions. Of course you want the best for this child that you have been carrying in your womb for 9 months and that is going to bless your marriage and life. That's why it's worth giving him a royal welcome with an elegant, luxurious cot , like for a prince or princess.

Here are two of the most beautiful and refined cots for children

  1. Upholstered cot Luxury Prestige Lateral Nanan 26601

Upholstered cot Luxury Prestige Lateral Nanan 26601

This is a luxury cot that exudes prestige and sophistication. It is upholstered and fastened with buttons on the side, a detail that reminds us of the royal rooms of the princes and princesses of yesteryear. The cot can be transformed into a bed for juniors, and then into a sophisticated sofa.

Therefore, you will not only buy the baby's crib that you will only use for a few years, but a foldable piece of furniture that will take on new functions as the child grows.

Upholstered cot Luxury Prestige Lateral Nanan 26601

It is provided with a generous drawer and a sliding side, which can be detached, so that the cot can be transformed into a welcoming sofa. Made of the best quality beech wood, this cot has a flawless finish, being treated with a special non-toxic water-based paint.

Upholstered cot Luxury Prestige Lateral Nanan 26601

The dimensions of the cot are 140 x 82 x 120 cm. The padded side is the one that gives a special elegance to the entire cot. And from the point of view of safety, this is a crib that every parent wants for their child. The model is made of solid, resistant, stable and durable beech, its edges are rounded, and its structure is made in accordance with the highest European standards in the field.

  1. Baby bed Cristale Rinascimento Chesterfield type Chesterfield Azzurra Italy


If you are looking for a royal cot for your prince or princess, this model is suitable. Elegant, sophisticated, distinct from other cots you can find on the market, this Azzura cot focuses on uniqueness. It grows at the same time as your child, because a classic baby bed can be transformed into a bed for juniors, and then into a sophisticated sofa, by removing one side.


The cot is made of beech wood, of superior quality and with a very beautiful finish. It is padded with ecological leather and finished with non-toxic water-based paint. For the safety of the little one, the designers have designed the crib with rounded edges, and for more comfort, the crib is equipped with plastic and soft rubber wheels for smooth movement. Two wheels have a braking system and can be easily fixed in the desired position.

The cot with the dimensions of 71x 143 x 114cm can be purchased with a series of additional accessories that increase its value, functionality and originality: light kit, anti-reflux system, bedding sets and protective sides, canopy.


We know you want to give your child the best, and if that means starting with a gorgeous room and an adorable crib, stay with one of these deluxe models. Receive him with open arms, in a warm room and an extremely beautiful bed.

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