We are sure that, when you look around every corner of your little one's room and see that you don't have so much to arrange or buy, you get a unique feeling that, soon, you will be able to hold the miracle in your arms. Or you think when he will take his first steps or when and what will be the first word he will say. It is not like that?

Well, looking more carefully around the room, you realize that something is missing! The baby's bed, of course! If you haven't chosen a crib for your baby yet , don't worry, there is always the online option, so that everything is prepared with luxury in detail until his arrival in the world.

white wooden bed

And if you haven't decided yet which cot model to choose, we warmly recommend a wooden cot! Here are 5 reasons why you should stop at this type of crib.

Baby will always be safe and protected from blows in a wooden crib

You might think that nothing bad could happen to your little one if they slept in an adult bed or even in your arms, right? Well, unfortunately that's not true. The little one can run out of air, hit and even fall, if his crib is not a special one and made in compliance with the safety measures in the field. The best model in this regard is the cot made entirely of beech wood, because it is very durable and resistant.

wooden bed with teddy bear

A wooden crib is much easier to assemble than you would have thought!

Even if it may seem like a big headache to assemble a crib, regardless of the material from which it is made, know that it is not really that difficult! Time passes very quickly, especially when you can't wait to see your little wonder how peacefully she sleeps in the bed that you yourself built. A wooden crib is easy to assemble, and even your child's father can take care of this anyway. Most likely, he also wants to participate in the necessary preparations for the arrival of the baby.


This choice for a wooden bed will allow you to sleep with your significant other

It's true that, when a child appears in your life, you don't spend as much time with your partner anymore, and the days and nights become interminably long, because you focus all your love and energy on your little miracle. However, when the little one will have his own wooden bed in which to sleep peacefully during the night, you will also be able to enjoy a little privacy with your partner, knowing that the baby is perfectly safe. This would not be possible if the baby wanted to be with you or in an improvised bed.

wooden bed with canopy

A wooden crib will perfectly complement your baby's room

If you are on the last hundred meters with the preparations for your little one's room, you will be able to easily notice that something is missing from the landscape, right? Well, no room is complete without a bed, much less the room where your little one will be. So you have the phone and are looking for the most beautiful wooden cribs for babies, so that they match the design you have chosen in your little one's room.

The ratio between quality and price is exceptional when you buy a wooden crib

Even if the wooden crib has a higher cost than the one made of plastic or other alloys, its durability over time, the safety it offers, but also the elegant design that perfectly complements the entire room of your baby, is worth it fully.

That is precisely why the ratio between quality and price for these wooden cots is exceptional and, we are sure that after you buy such a cot, you will convince yourself of all the benefits and advantages it has.

brown wooden bed

This wooden crib will be there for a long time, it has a much more attractive and beautiful design, but it will also keep the little one away from danger, especially in his first years of life when he is so small and fragile. And what more could you want, than for your miracle to be healthy, happy, and carefree? Nothing is more beautiful than this!

In addition, if you have already studied the Montessori concept and you want pieces of furniture made of natural wood as close as possible to the recommendations of the Montessori philosophy, a wooden crib is clearly a perfect choice.

baby cot with wheels

In the end, we just tell you that we invite you to the store section to choose your favorite cot. You will discover many models of wooden cots: medium, oval, standard cots , deluxe models, with drawers for storage, with wheels, with lighting system, models of co-sleeping cots , with removable sides and height adjustable . We have the best for you and your child. Come and see for yourself! Special prices!