When it comes time to decorate the little one's room and maybe the space is not very big or the parents simply want practical furniture, most of them turn with confidence to a baby bed with drawers . Several features make this type of bed advantageous for babies, it being both aesthetically attractive and functional. Especially practical parents prefer such models.

cot with storage space

They choose to buy a baby crib with drawers, which is also a very nice piece of furniture for the room, but which also provides more storage space. Let's discover more about this baby crib with drawers!

baby cot with drawers

A practical option for parents who want more space

When the little one comes into the world, one wish is to buy him lots of clothes and toys. Needless to say, there is always a need for his personal things, such as: pampers, wet wipes, powder, bodysuits, underwear, pillows and others.

Well, along with these comes the need for space, and parents feel that they have to buy another wardrobe or shelves. However, a practical solution is a baby bed with drawers . They can be used to store basic things, such as those mentioned as personal. The drawers are ideal for putting clothes, bodysuits, toys, bed linens and packages of pampers.

cot with storage space

At the same time, an ideal option for those who do not depend on space

From another perspective, we are also discussing parents who have a smaller room for their baby, and the space does not allow them to buy an extra wardrobe. And for them the cot with drawers is a beneficial option. As in the previously mentioned case, a lot of things can be stored and organized in them. If the parents want to have the clothes at hand, they will only put clothes here (winter or 1-2 sizes bigger if they received them that way). Of course, they can also be used for: linens, toys, etc.

cots with drawers for babies

What are the most representative advantages?

Apart from the additional space, there are other advantages of a cot with drawers.

  • This type of furniture is made to be as aesthetic as possible for the baby's room. It was not for nothing that I mentioned at the beginning that a cot with drawers combines the useful with the pleasant. Now that we have learned about his practical side, parents should take into account that he is also very tender and cute for decoration. Made in pale shades, they fit perfectly into the design of a baby's room. There won't be that free space under the bed, where even the baby who starts to crawl and crawl could slip.
  • They are compact and durable, precisely because they have these extra drawers. The craftsmen have in mind greater stability, so that the bed can support the drawers. Rigid and qualitative, they are made of fine, strong and aesthetic materials.

cot with storage

  • I don't allow things to get lost under the bed. How many times do the toys get lost under the bed? Many times! The little one is crying because the car is no longer there and by himself he reaches under the bed in search of it. A crib with drawers does not allow toys to get lost like this.

cot with linen drawer

  • And because space is the most valuable, we say once again that the drawers are exactly that hidden surplus (it is not visible and does not occupy a separate footprint) that a baby's room needs.

cot with drawers for children

Which model can parents opt for?

Parents can choose from a wide range of cots with drawers. The ones that predominate are the white, simple cots with drawers. These are also the most appreciated, precisely because many parents now opt for simplicity.

In addition, parents can choose from cribs with different figurines , drawings and animations. Of course, there are models for boys as well as for girls. All the cots in our online store stand out for their beautiful aesthetics, quality, resistance and stability. We recommend such models for parents who want to benefit from all the advantages mentioned above.

cot with drawers for baby


Now that we have clarified why a crib with drawers is a good choice, dear parents, all that remains to be done is to choose what is most suitable for the baby's room and enjoy a new beginning. We wish you inspiration, and if you need help, you know that we are here ready to answer any question related to how to prepare the baby's room.