The phenomenon of Reborn dolls, which gained momentum in the United States of America in 2002, reached the Romanian market a few years ago. If at first it created controversy, over time Romanians came to see the usefulness of these dolls that perfectly imitate a baby, from head to toe, and the curiosity and creativity of some artists turned this phenomenon into an entire industry. We meet them more and more often, and their name is reborn baby dolls or lifelike dolls. They are adopted more and more often by modern families to train their parenting skills, by mothers without children or by little girls with a desire to play.

The phenomenon of real dolls initially started from the demands of mothers affected by the loss of a child and their desire to have an identical replacement, but soon their usefulness expanded and created multiple benefits for different people. Due to their real appearance, specialists have also made known their usefulness in the case of people with Alzheimer's disease, depressed or anxious people and mothers who cannot have children. Psychologists claim that it is normal for people to have a positive attitude towards Reborn dolls and see it as a pleasant experience in which the body releases a substance called oxytocin or the hormone of happiness when the person holds and hugs a doll that reproduces a realistic sensation.

Today, the usefulness of Reborn dolls has aroused the interest of Romanian entrepreneurs, and the sales of stores with children's items and toys for babies are increasing day by day.

With the opening of the first physical store Camera Bebeluşului, part of the Anne Bebe group and the launch of the website , extremely many questions about the availability of Reborn dolls began to come. It was the moment when I realized that it is a full-fledged trend even in Romania. Market demand has led us to commercialize Reborn dolls and their usefulness has brought us many customers. There are parents who purchase products for their little girls, considering doll play a developmentally beneficial activity, moms who are too young or not ready for a real baby, doll collectors, or customers who buy multiple pieces for artistic purposes.

Reborn dolls are so real that you want to touch them to convince yourself that they are not real babies, most of them weigh 1.8 kg, natural hair, soft vinyl body and articulated limbs, they are decorated with special paint on the cheeks , lips, knees and nails, and the eyes are made of glass, so the resemblance to a baby is striking. The dolls available in the Baby Room store are made entirely in Spain with high-class materials and contain accessories diversified according to the model, such as woolen beds, clothes, accessories and birth certificates.

In the case of children, the dolls available on Baby's Room are recommended from the age of 3, when little girls begin to imitate their mothers and create their own universe using their imagination. For them, baby dolls that imitate the newborn are ideal for the formation of the maternal instinct, and they receive positive feelings by taking care of them.

Mothers and children who have bought such babies caress them, dress them, and the eccentric ones opt for the whole experience and go as far as decorating the baby's room and purchasing pieces of furniture for it, choosing the pieces in detail, from the baby crib, the animated underwear , the dresser with drawers for changing the baby, lamps with pleasant light and attached teddy bears, up to prams, rockers and toys for the little ones.

One of the stores in Bucharest that offer Reborn Babies for adoption is the Camera Bebelusului by AnneBebe store, located in Unirea Shopping Center - 3rd floor or on their website