Near Alicante, in Spain, there is the most wonderful toy factory known as Muneca Guca. In Spanish, Muneca means doll. The dolls made here cannot be compared to any other doll on the market. Extremely realistic, down to the smallest details, handmade, the Guca babies are offered by one of the largest companies producing dolls in Spain. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Guca is primarily a family business. The mission of this company is to create with great love, attention to details and passion dolls in the form of babies, to delight the little ones and the big ones alike. The company uses the best quality materials, according to the strictest standards in the field. The company's offer includes a varied range of babies, accessories, and clothes for them.

Guca dolls, unique handmade dolls

The company thus makes unique dolls, since the manufacturing process is a manual one, characterized by special attention to details. These original dolls are made entirely in Spain and are hand painted. They have a size of 46 cm, approximately 2 kg weight and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The Baby Room specialists recommend the use of these Reborn dolls for children older than 3 years. All Reborn toys are accompanied by a quality certificate issued by the Toy Technology Center. Reborn dolls have extremely realistic features, manufactured down to the smallest details and are made using techniques patented by the manufacturer. In order to obtain such a realistic appearance of the Guca Reborn dolls, the producers used a special gluing process. In addition, Guca's Reborn dolls have natural hair, obtained through a patented production process, which means that this technique can only be used by the manufacturer.

The Guca brand offers with each of its products the highest quality dolls, made of materials extremely friendly to the little ones. The attention to detail is remarkable both in terms of the Reborn babies' features, but also in terms of their clothing and accessories, individualized down to the smallest details. Guca dolls can be accessorized with playful outfits, made of soft and carefully chosen materials, in diaphanous and pastel colors. When we talk about the dolls from the Guca brand, it is good to know that they have a body that is made of vinyl. This material imitates not only the appearance, but also the tactile sensation offered by touching the skin of a baby. Endowed with a special charm, Reborn dolls become the best friends of the little ones, from the first years of life, but they can also be an excellent companion for the afternoon nap. Reborn babies love to be the center of attention. Like any real baby, Guca dolls are made to imitate various poses in the life of a real baby. We will thus find babies asleep or fully awake, either playful or serious, boys or girls.

Guca dolls, the most beautiful memories from the first years of life

Reborn Guca dolls can offer the most beautiful memories of the first years of your baby's life. Made and painted by hand, the Reborn doll gives children and parents the impression of a real baby. Their dimensions imitate those of a real baby and they are made in such a way that when they are held in their arms, they create the impression that it is a real baby. The producers have recreated the appearance of a baby down to the smallest details - from the beauty of the eyes, the thick eyelashes, the fleshy nose, the fluffy cheeks, the details of the hands, wrinkles, facial expressions or even the positions. Reborn dolls from Guca are particularly delicate, just like real babies. How could we resist the temptation to buy the child such a perfect toy, which he enjoys during this magical period of his development?

The most beautiful models of Reborn dolls

In the Baby Room you will find the most beautiful Reborn dolls. Regardless of whether you choose a boy or a girl, each of these dolls will surely delight your little one, because they manage to copy the features of a real baby. Reborn Unai doll for children is a nice and cheerful boy, with blue eyes and long and thick eyelashes, extremely delicate. Unai is made of textile material and vinyl, with special attention paid to every physiognomic detail by specialized artisans from Spain. This doll is articulated, which means that it is provided with a mechanism that allows it to move as naturally as a newborn. Ideal for both boys and girls, Reborn dolls from Guca also benefit from accessories with a special design and are made of the best quality materials. Unai is dressed in a blue shirt and cream pants, matched with a fluffy and cute hat.

The Reborn Candela doll depicts a sleeping baby, dressed in a fluffy body with polka dots, lost in the world of dreams. The candle is an articulated doll and comes with a blanket filled with thermal protective batting. The extremely long and thick eyelashes, the red hair and the facial expression are just a few details that will attract us to this Reborn doll model.

If instead you want a baby with a trendy outfit, you can choose the Aitana baby. Aitana is a special doll, with blue eyes and long black eyelashes, with a soft body, easy to mobilize. Aitana is dressed in light clothes, made of organic materials, in the form of a pink suit with white lace and pink socks. Aitana is sitting on a light pink pillow, from which she will look at us with her piercing blue eyes and urge us to take her home.