Regardless of how many thousands of toys appear every year, there are some classic toys that children will always love. One of the best gift ideas - toys for children is the doll. Dolls are often the best companions for girls, because they love to play with them from an early age. The girls see how the mother takes care of them, and in them there is already this maternal instinct - to take care of a person.

beautiful dolls

Beautiful dolls for girls

That's why dolls remain the most inspiring gift idea for children. If you give a doll to a little girl, you know for sure that she will play with it. He will feed her, read her stories, walk her and put her in the stroller. Maybe it will become his favorite doll, he will give it a name and take it everywhere. Most likely, she will become his confidant, his silent friend, always available to play with her and listen to her. Every little girl should have a doll.

But, from the sea of ​​dolls on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one. Here are 3 original brands that offer special, spectacular dolls for girls.

Dolls Brand Nines

Dolls are some of the oldest toys that children have ever played with, and the Nines brand proposes a special design for its range of dolls. These dolls are a representation of the child himself and allow him to gain a better understanding of himself, as well as of those around him.

Nines dolls are extremely beautiful and help girls to strengthen their social skills. Playing with dolls strengthens the social skills that are acquired in the first years of a child's development. When children play, they learn to communicate and cooperate. Taking care of a doll means learning to take care of those around you.

Order a special Nines doll for your little girl in December. You can give it as a Christmas present and you will see her very pleased with the surprise.

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Marina & Pau Brand dolls

A doll can instill a sense of responsibility in a girl. Learning social skills from an early age, children also learn what is the point of responsibility. Girls learn how to take care of a doll by playing with it, and these skills can teach them how to take care of pets or older siblings.

Apart from the fact that the dolls from the Marina & Pau brand are so beautiful, they are wonderful because they help little girls develop feelings of empathy and compassion. Playing with dolls has this power. Just as taking care of a doll can mean learning responsibility, a doll also teaches girls to empathize with those around them and to become caring.

Choose a Marina & Pau doll from our offer, give it to your little girl for Christmas and you will see how happy she will be at the surprise.

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Gucca Brand dolls

Another brand of special dolls is Gucca, which I wrote about on our blog. These dolls have a realistic appearance and bring with them a lot of benefits for the girls who will play with them. It looks very beautiful, handicraft pieces for the eyes, a wonderful therapy tool, perfect for play, imagination and creativity.

Order a Guca doll for your little girl because it develops social skills, it will teach your little one what responsibility and care, empathy and compassion mean, it will develop her imagination and creativity and it will teach her to be kind to those around her. Also, if you are going to have another child soon, a Guca doll is great for preparing for a younger brother or sister.