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Campaign Valid between August 1 - August 31, 2020!

The story of the Baby's Room is a story about parents and children, about love and affection, about care and devotion. It is a story that continues to be written with every piece of furniture bought to decorate the baby's room, but also with every accessory meant to beautify the lives of the little ones and their parents. With each set of furniture sold, we send to the future or new parents a drop of the passion that binds us, sharing their emotion and helping them to create that fairy-tale atmosphere for babies, to create the optimal conditions for the growth and harmonious development of them, but also to offer parents and families in general the best quality pieces of furniture or accessories, made according to international standards, which will make their work easier and allow them to enjoy as many happy moments as possible in the company of the little.

Erbesi & Azzurra Furniture Baby Room offer

Discounts offered on all Erbesi & Azzurra furniture

In order to take full advantage of the discounts, but also to plan the delivery of the ordered products in advance, we offer you 4 Plan & Save options. Thus, you can benefit from discounts of 5, 7, 9 or 15% on the website on all Erbesi baby furniture. All you have to do is choose the long-dreamed-of products or packages on the Camera Bebelusului website and use your favorite code in the shopping cart, before completing the order, to take advantage of the discounts. However, you must keep in mind that this campaign is not valid for resealed products.

You can get the 5% discount offer using the code 05BABY and you will benefit from delivery in August - September. For the 7% discount offer it is necessary to use the code 07BABY, for the 9% discount the code 09BABY and the code 15BABY for the 15% discount offer.

The products will be delivered in August and September - code 05BABY; 7% discount with delivery in October - code 07BABY; 9% discount with delivery in November - code 09BABY; 15% discount with delivery in December - code 15BABY.

Take advantage of the discounts offered by ordering the Erbesi & Azzurra furniture packages in advance!

Erbesi promotions, the beginning of a fantastic journey

And in order for this brand to reach the homes and lives of as many parents and children as possible, we offer you special promotions for arranging the baby's room. Regardless of whether you choose the furniture sets made up of 3, 4 or 9 pieces, they will surely delight you and make this journey you are starting with the new member of your family all the more pleasant.

Baby furniture promotions 2020 Annebebe baby cot chest of drawers swaddled babies beech wood

3-piece packages they consist of a cot for babies with a mattress but also a set of protection for the cot. The 4-piece set consists of a cot, mattress, bed protection set and a baby chest of drawers. If the space allows, you can opt for the collections composed of several pieces of furniture and accessories, essential for arranging the baby's room but also for an efficient organization. Sets of 6 pieces they are composed of cot with mattress, bed protection set, chest of drawers for babies, baby cabinet and a matching wardrobe. The set of 8 also contains a bench for babies, while the package of 9 pieces it is additionally provided with a coat hanger and a shelf library, with matching colors.

Varied collections, quality and special design

Regardless of the collection it belongs to, the cot for babies is made of solid beech wood and is provided with an extremely resistant mattress support, able to ensure proper support of the baby's spine during the most important period of its development. It is decorated using ecological, water-based paints and varnishes, according to the European rules and regulations in force. The material from which the crib is made prevents the development of microorganisms responsible for producing allergies in children. Whether we are talking about a fixed bed or a cot with removable side , the cots made by Erbesi can be used from the first months of the baby's life, offering in addition the possibility of adjustment, to adapt to the stages of the baby's growth. In terms of design, Erbesi has also created extremely elegant and sophisticated furniture collections for babies, decorated with Swarovski crystals or made of ecological leather.

The mattress is made of polyurethane foam, anti-sweat, anti-allergic, anti-suffocation, anti-mite, while the mattress cover is treated with aloe vera. The bed protection set is composed of a bed quilt, made of 100% cotton, with a light, soft and heat-insulating filling, as well as a quilt cover, a pillow case and a bed protector with bows.

Dresser for changing, optimal safety and ideal organization

The changing table with drawers is an essential piece of furniture from the first months of the baby's life. It is provided with an ergonomic tub to ensure the maximum safety of the baby's hygiene, being additionally provided with a soft PVC changing table, which can be detached if needed. The changing table is provided with spacious drawers to store clothes or accessories, so that you always have everything at hand. To ensure a high degree of mobility, the dressers are equipped with four wheels, two of which are equipped with brakes.

baby furniture

The cabinet is part of the category of classic pieces of furniture. Equipped with 3 roomy drawers, specially equipped to create a wonderful decoration, it is made of wood and MDF, decorated with water-based paint and varnish, non-toxic products certified by the European Union. The wardrobe for babies is made of the best quality materials, in pleasant shades, able to offer an extra touch of elegance to the baby's room. Equipped with two practical doors but also two particularly roomy drawers, a bar for hangers, but also with height-adjustable shelves, the wardrobe made by Erbesi was created especially for the baby's room, benefiting from a modern design, exceptional quality materials and affordable prices, thanks to the discounts offered during this period.

baby cot promotions 2020 new baby furniture commode baby diaper Italian design baby

The Erbesi baby furniture collections, with an exceptional Italian design, are composed of 3 to 9 pieces of furniture and accessories and are the ideal choice for sophisticated mothers, interested in both functional and aesthetic aspects, but especially it creates a calming atmosphere and an ideal environment for the newborn but also for the family members, all at an affordable price.

The promotion is valid at Erbesi Furniture Packages , Cots, Dressers, Cupboards and Cabinets.

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