seasonal discounts on the baby room

We are in the middle of autumn. Are you still counting the days until you meet your baby or are you already enjoying the time you spend with him? Are you going to baptize a baby? What wonderful news!

Whether you are already a parent or preparing to become a parent, grandparent or godfather, we have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for you this month. From cabinets for babies, to molding frames and interactive tricycles , you can benefit from advantageous discounts.

Put a smile on his face, surround him with all your love and care, use practical things for his care and help him discover the world in the most beautiful way. We are with you!

Discounts Complete Trusou

In October, we help you prepare for a fairytale baptism . Because we know how important it is to find all the essentials for the baby's baptism in one place, in October we created a special offer for future fathers. Thus, when purchasing a complete kit, baptism suit for boys or baptism dress for girls, together with a candle and the kit that includes cloth, towel, bottle of myrrh, bandage, soap and priest's towel, you get a 10% discount.


You place a single order with us and you receive all the necessary things for the baptism of your future son or future son. In addition, you save 10% of the value, so you can also choose a special gift.

Discounts on Baby Robes and Towels

What's next after a good night? The warmth and delicate touch of the towel, the gentle embrace of the bathrobe. Towels and bathrobes designed specifically for the size and sensitivity of their skin should not be missing from the accessories kit for children.


With us you will find a lot of towels and robes that offer a delicate touch to children, without irritating the skin. To prolong the feeling of warmth and relaxation from the bath, dress the little one in a soft robe, provided with a hood. The small cheerful and childish details (clouds, printed animals or small sewn plushies) will attract the baby's attention and will give you a good opportunity to pamper him with your voice and tell him about the moon and the stars.

Grab the 20% discount for the month of October and tick these bathroom accessories on the baby's shopping list.

Discounts Baby Wardrobes

With certainty, the child's room bears the imprint of the parents' creativity and involvement in placing each piece of furniture. Among these, the closet has a special role. It is the place where you can easily organize the child's things, to find them quickly every time.


The children's wardrobes that we propose are spacious, in light colors, ergonomic, with drawers and a metal bar for hangers. Propose to be an organized parent from the first time your baby is born, because it will be easier for you to handle his upbringing and care. In addition, you want a future child who is orderly, well-groomed, careful with his things, and you will get all this naturally if you establish clear rules from now on.

We help you in this mission and offer you a 20% discount on any wardrobe for babies in October.

Discounts on Bedding and Baby Bed Sets

Any caring and loving parent is concerned about the quality of a child's sleep, but beyond the importance of the bed and the mattress, the bed linen is another critical piece that can significantly influence the way the little ones rest.


Bed linen can be both a decorative object for the baby's room, but also an essential element of comfort and well-being for the little one. Another role of the linen is to protect the mattress from possible small incidents.

Take advantage of the 15% discount on bedding sets for the crib and bring a fresh idea to the little one's room, arranging his resting place beautifully.

Discounts Baskets - Babynest Nest

A Babynest nesting box helps you give your child a sense of protection and warmth. Made of top quality organic materials and with a design that matches the innocence of babies, the Babynest has soft edges that prevent the little one from rolling and falling.


It will be easier for you to put him next to you in bed and put him to sleep in a foreign hotel room when you travel. The Babynest is currently one of the most practical accessories for parents and you have every reason to enjoy the advantages it offers.

That's why, in October, we offer you a 15% discount on any babynest.

Discounts on Sleeping Bags for Babies

Peacefully watch over your baby's smooth sleep and enjoy all the advantages that a sleeping bag brings. It offers a quiet and warm sleep to your child. Made of high-quality materials, breathable and gentle on the baby's skin, the sleeping bag combats restless sleep, turning from one side to another and tummy aches so common in babies.


It is easy to maintain, prevents situations in which the baby reveals itself during the night and protects it from evening to morning. The sleeping bag is a very practical accessory for parents and babies, and in October you can order it at a discount.

See our offer for sleeping bags in pastel colors, made of natural cotton, models decorated with cheerful prints or little teddy bears, some with double function: blanket and sleeping bag.

Discounts Molding Frames

Do you want to create a special memory? Molded photo frames are a unique way to immortalize memories with your baby, for a lifetime. Time flies and without you realizing it, that hand with tiny fingers will grow and become stronger and stronger.


It stops time in place for a fraction of a second and creates a personalized mold of your child's hand and/or foot. This activity is easy, fun, 100% safe for your child, and at the end you will get a splendid personalized decorative souvenir.

Do you want to make a successful gift for a baby or its parents? Choose an imprint kit or frame with molding and we guarantee that you will surprise him very pleasantly. For the whole month of October, you have a 20% discount on any order from the Baby molding frames category.

Discounts Table and Household Accessories


With baby at the nursery or baby at the table is a real adventure, always different. But, beyond these tasty moments, the child must have all the conditions for a proper diet and to relax in the bathroom, so that he can then sleep well. Order this month from us a high chair for the table, table and kitchen accessories, with a 15% discount.

Discounts Cars and Tricycles

CARS TRICYCLES baby's room

In order for the walks with the child to be relaxing and pleasant, make sure that the little one has a special place: a multifunctional tricycle. As soon as the baby can sit comfortably in the bottom, you can put him in the tricycle and go for a walk, to discover the world together. With each new stage of growth, the scooter will become an outdoor toy that he loves and is very practical for you.

We trust that these October discounts will bring joy, solutions and new ideas to the baby's room, to the routine of caring for and raising the little one or for organizing a fairytale christening. Often the details make the difference and small changes can produce major effects. Take advantage of these promotions, save time and money, embrace new care and organization solutions.

A beautiful autumn with the little one!