Wonderful items from Condor+ for children and babies

The best parents not only take into account that their children's outfits are beautiful and made of quality materials. They always direct their care towards children, and towards equally fine accessories from all points of view.

And Condor+ wants not to leave this aspect behind when it comes to the friendly world of children.

That's why it makes available to children and parents all over the world, a vast series of elegant accessories in which the little ones can shine on every special occasion in their lives.

Accessories in step with fashion from Condor+

An elegant outfit will be perfectly complemented with tailor-made accessories. They will enhance any modern outfit through quality materials when they are provided with fine seams and nice models in various colors, which will dress the attentive body and protect it from the cold.

In this way, the children will feel completely comfortable, especially the very young ones who are not easy to please and who mark their coming into the world through extremely important events such as baptism or birthday anniversary, turning 6 months old life in the arms of parents, etc.

Of course, children who are in continuous development and who are gradually developing their own style and personality will be able to enjoy these wonderful accessories that will highlight them in their circle of friends, through an imposing outfit like their parents.

History of Condor+

Condo+ is a brand with tradition in the world of children's accessories, having an experience on the market of over 100 years.

The history of Condor+ began to be written in 1898 as a small family business in the heart of Barcelona, ​​which over time expanded its knowledge and activity profile, becoming a prestigious competitor at the European level.

Today, Condor+ is in continuous development and aims to bring to the lives of parents and children the perfect accessories, represented by socks and stockings at a low cost.

All accessories are carefully designed in our own production lines, Condor+ has the OEKO-TEX plus standard certification, which certifies the use of materials that are friendly to children's skin and that are not treated with any kind of toxic substances that could compromise children's comfort.

Condor+ accessories for babies and children at the Baby Room

Children will love the Condor+ accessories, which are not only made of soft-to-the-touch materials, but also have a modern and elegant design.

Because at Camera Bebelusului we want to provide you with only the best quality children's items, you will also find in our portfolio the Condor+ accessories which are ideal for newborns or for children between the ages of 6-12 months, including up to at 8 years old. Thus, you will find in our portfolio cotton socks and dresses for babies, dresses and socks made of lace or provided with cute elements such as colored bows, for girls, accessories that will be ideal for your child's outings or that will it perfectly complements your little girl's elegant dress and shoes.

Through the authentic Condor+ brand, any child will turn into the best version of him.

We are waiting for you at Camera Bebelusului to discover your favorite accessories, at an affordable price, and rewrite the love story with your child!