What does "Reveal party" or "Gender Reveal Party" mean?

" Reveal party" or "Gender Reveal Party" is a party during which the gender of the baby is revealed. This is organized during pregnancy and is full of an emotional charge, because, right then, together with the future parents, family and friends, the sex of the child is revealed.

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Although it is an apparently new concept, such parties have also started to appear in Romania, with future parents expressing their desire to organize something special for their unborn child, thus finding out the sex, in a very special setting together with all their loved ones.

So, only one question remains: What gift is suitable for future parents at such a party ? To help you, we have prepared below 7 gift ideas for moms and dads at the "Reveal Party":

TOP 7 Reveal Party gifts for moms and dads

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1. Dresser for Girls & Boys with 4 Drawers

Because the sex of the baby is still unknown, it is best to make gifts that perfectly suit both girls and boys. Thus, with this chest of drawers for the child's clothes or accessories, you go straight to safety. It is a suitable, roomy and very useful gift, so future parents will definitely be delighted with it.

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2. Baby Cot Carousel

We are sure that you have seen in many television commercials such a carousel for babies that will keep the little one busy, arouse his curiosity and calm him before sleep, so now you have the opportunity to give it as a gift at the party of ,, Reveal Party" you were invited to. What other toy could be more suitable than this?

reveal party gift carousel

3. Rocking chair and chair for babies and children with sounds and vibrations

A rocking chair for babies is essential and cannot be missing from the home of future parents, because it is extremely useful and efficient. The swing is made of a non-allergic, soft and delicate material, and includes three cheerful plush toys, so the baby will be comfortable and relaxed every time mommy and daddy need a break.

baby rocker

4. Baby Changing Table Cotton Cover

A changing table cover is always welcome and you can never say you have too many. The cover can be used for any standard changing mat, it is made of materials that are pleasant to the touch to create all the comfort that the baby needs, and the 100% cotton fabric allows the little one's skin to breathe. This cover is also very resistant and durable, because it also has a combination of polyester that allows good protection for the mattress.

gift diaper cover

5. Zornaitare Plus For Children

Because you also know that little ones love toys that make various noises and emit certain sounds, the rattle for babies that will surely be loved by the little one who will receive it could not be missing from this list. The rattle bear is manufactured in Italy in accordance with European standards, so it is a safe toy ready to be loved by the soon-to-be-born baby.

baby rattle gift

6. Cotton baby towel with teddy bear hood

The towel for babies with a hood is also an element that cannot be missing from the list of gifts for the " Reveal Party", because it is essential for the future parents, but also for the little one. The towel protects the baby's sensitive skin and protects the little one from the cold immediately after the bath is ready. Easy to clean and with a high water absorption capacity, the hooded baby towel is a special and useful gift that both future parents and the little one will enjoy.

baby hooded towel as a gift

7. Teddy Bear Night Light For Babies

This gift has a double use, because during the day it is a very soft and pleasant to the touch plush toy, and in the evening it becomes a lamp that watches over the baby during sleep, being ideal for the child's room. This lamp is a cute, useful and extremely suitable gift if you are invited to a "Reveal Party", so put it on the list immediately!

baby night light gift

So, parties for children, and more recently, for babies, are more and more frequent in our country, so that more and more future parents choose to find out the sex of their child in a special, unique and interesting setting, being surrounded by family and friends. So, if you are invited to such a party, you already know that the best gifts can only be found on Camerabebelusului.ro . If you need help, we are always here for you. You can call us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect gift for the event you are going to.

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