Bringing a child into the world is a real blessing for any parent. This radically changes life, but things took a drastic turn with the onset of the pandemic.

Every day parents ask themselves more and more questions - how long will this state last? Will we go back to normal? Will our children have a future? Will I be able to raise my child as the best parent after the mother leaves maternity leave?

Every day that passes is a question mark for all of us, especially since the number of infected cases seems to increase from one day to the next.

Those who are preparing for the arrival of a child in the world or those who have recently gone through this, are not only excited, but also very scared.

the needs of a family in a pandemic

Being healthy, there is a fear that they will get the virus from the hospital, from the medical staff or possible salon colleagues. Mothers are afraid every day that when they return home, the phone could ring from the DSP or the family doctor asking them to return to the hospital for treatment against the coronavirus. Or that he has to urgently take the little one to isolation, away from the bosom of the new family.

Fathers are also worried! He waits with his soul in his mouth to hear the child's first cry, to give them their first bath, to see their mother, to hold them in their arms, to kiss them and to be sure that they are both well and healthy.

The pandemic burdens people with emotions and fears, having the unpleasant tendency to change their mentality, their behavior, the state of complete happiness that should surround any parent in such an important moment. More than ever we feel the desperation and frustration of the parents, the sadness, and a series of extremely important needs are revealed worthy of consideration by those who have the power to change things.

The needs of a new family in a pandemic

new parents in a pandemic

The need for security

Are we safe with closed schools and businesses, which only open with a purpose? Do we feel safe when we are in triage or in isolation for hours on end, while our health is not exactly optimal? Are the parents sure that they will not be forced after birth to be separated from their children, of whom they will not know anything for a long period of time?

Parents need to trust in things well done, and for that we need changes and restorations in all areas, people willing to bring the world back to normal.

Mothers need to make sure that they can benefit from quality medical services, the peace of a home and a secure job that will bring them the necessary income to raise their child.

The need to be quiet

The birth of the child is a truly special moment, beyond the endless waiting in the hospital room where labor will occur. But what will happen to the child afterwards? If the mother or the little one is suspected/infested with Covid-19? How will things go in isolation? Who will help them when needed? When will the parents be able to have contact with the baby again?

Parents also need the certainty that things will go perfectly, that the environment in which the child will arrive in the world is a clean one, suitable for such an experience. Things will go much easier if they are aware of all the aspects regarding the health of the child and the mother, how the whole process will proceed, from admission to discharge, but also about the unforeseen things and how they will be fixed . Doctors must show empathy, understanding and transparency and perform the job they have chosen with love in a professional manner.

child with a mask

The need to officiate the baptism ritual

Regardless of religious orientation, every parent wants their child to carry the name of the whole family like a book, to enjoy his first bath in the baptismal font, the cutting of the motto, the joy of meeting all his loved ones even if he is much too small to understand all these things. After years and years, the memories are the ones that remain and will help them relive the magic of this experience.

newborn child

Baptism is a way to confirm the child's arrival in the world and a leap in his development, the entry into the religious community to which we all belong. And we believe that every child should enjoy this, as well as parents. It is a freedom that every parent wants, as we have for as long as possible, the possibility to go to the store, to hold meetings in the Parliament, to make presentations and parades of all kinds. We feel a major imbalance that affects us all and we are deeply saddened that numerous such occasions have been postponed to which we have contributed each time with love and passion. We are afraid that soon we will be permanently without the possibility to make our soul happy with small gestures that our parents, grandparents, etc. did.

Will someone take care of the parents' needs in the near future?

We would like to be able to answer this question, to encourage you. We can only send you a lot of positive energy and tell you that we will fight hard to be with you, until the last moment.

We, the AnneBebe team and, continue to make all the necessary efforts to provide you with toys for babies, safe pieces of furniture for the child's room, special and unique christening costumes made of safe materials, completely friendly to the little ones, but also all the necessities that the little ones need for a harmonious development and a happy childhood.