Discover the children's world designed by NANAN

The world of children is fascinating! And you, the parents, have the opportunity to translate the magic that the birth of a child offers into a real story, offering the child his own room or the cutest toys and baby clothes through the Italian brand Nanan .

The whole world can enjoy the articles of this top brand that wants to offer every child the practical things they need for a harmonious development.

The brand is present in more than 15 countries in Europe and outside the Union, a fact that attests to the quality and trust that the brand has enjoyed constantly, for years, on the market.

Nanan brand philosophy

The Nanan brand took shape in 1992 as a small family business. What the training producers didn't know at the time is that, years later, Nanan would become one of the most famous and sought-after brands for and about children in the whole world.

Nanan constantly invests in quality technologies, in research and innovation, so that every product launch is a premium one, made of materials of Italian origin and quality, offering users safety, comfort and above all - versatility and durability.

Each Nanan item involves a complex creative process, in which market trends are taken into account, with an emphasis on the needs and wishes of the customers.

Nanan's inspiration represents the fantastic world of children, of gentle animals, combined with the delicacy of a sympathetic color palette and safe materials, pleasant to the touch, with elegant finishes.

Thus, Nanan successfully manages to stand out through the happiness they bring to the lips of everyone, from big to small.

What does the Nanan portfolio include that you discover at Camera Bebelusului?

With us, you will find the Nanan brand through separate brand lines, such as Tato, Puccio, Fiocco, Bambo, etc. Nanan is especially aimed at babies, from their first day of life, but multifunctional cots also offer the possibility of being used in the long term, even up to 5 years or above, by transforming them into cots suitable for the age category.

The Nanan collection available at Camera Bebelusului is extremely varied and offers you the opportunity to choose between:

  • cots and other pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers and changing tables, made of chipboard treated with water-based paints, which do not emit toxic fumes;
  • accessories for the bed and for decorating the baby's room: bows, teddy bears, lamps, cotton linen, chandelier, tape measure, etc.
  • clothing and accessories such as overalls for newborns, maternity bags, textile organizers and toys;
  • toys such as: stroller with teddy bears for cot, cute cotton teddy bears for days outdoors or for when he needs a friend to rest next to, baby blanket with activities, etc.

Therefore, the baby's room can have an elegant appearance and offer your little ones all the care they need for a harmonious development. We invite you to discover the Nanan products that will surely conquer you from the first contact!