Installation of Baby Bed & Installation of Baby Chest of Drawers - Solutions from the Baby Room

Assembling the furniture for the baby's room can be a source of stress and anxiety for many parents. offers practical and affordable solutions to turn this experience into a positive one, offering not only detailed instructions and video support, but also a premium assembly service for those who need extra help.

How do I assemble the Baby's Cot? - Parental Frustrations Eased with Easy-to-Follow Instructions:

  • Is assembling the furniture complicated? No, understands the importance of clarity and accessibility of information, offering assembly diagrams in PDF format in Romanian in the product descriptions and assembly videos on the YouTube channel, to ensure that parents can easily follow each step of the assembly process. Assembly instructions present in all furniture boxes - available in English and Italian.

Do you offer assembly for the furniture available on the website in Bucharest? Parents' Wishes Fulfilled by Full Support:

  • Furniture Easy to Assemble or Assembly Services Available: Yes, for those who prefer professional assistance, offers a premium assembly and installation service, available in Bucharest and Ilfov. This service includes transportation, home furniture assembly and unpacking, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents.

What if I don't assemble the baby's crib properly? Parents' Fears Allayed by Professional Services:

  • Fear of Failing to Assemble the Furniture Correctly: The premium assembly service with specialized staff removes any doubt about the correctness of the assembly, giving parents the peace of mind that the furniture is assembled professionally and safely.

What does the Premium Assembly and Assembly service entail?

  • Service Details: Offering more than simple assembly, the premium service includes delivery of furniture directly to the desired room, assembly according to manufacturer's instructions and collection of packaging for responsible recycling. In addition, if the order includes small decorations, they will be safely delivered to the requested address.
  • Scheduling and Delivery: is committed to providing flexibility and convenience, working with customers to set a date and time slot for delivery that fits their schedule, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible and without inconvenience. transforms the assembly of furniture for the baby's room from a potential source of stress into an easy and pleasant experience. With detailed instructions, video support and professional assembly options, parents can be confident that their baby's room will be ready with correctly and safely assembled furniture, allowing them to focus on what's really important: enjoying their first precious moments with their newborn.