Furniture with teddy bears for the Baby Room

Do you know the story of the first teddy bear? The first teddy bear was apparently invented to honor the American president, Theodore Roosevelt. It all started from a trivial hunting game in which the American president participated. Because he failed to shoot any bear during this hunting party, the team members captured a brown bear, which they tied to a tree, urging the president to shoot it. The president refused, and rumors about this incident reached the media and caricatures of the event were made.

Also at that time, a candy store owner from Brooklyn came up with a brilliant idea - that of making teddy bears in honor of the American president, a toy that was named Teddy's Bear. Even today, teddy bears are one of the most popular children's toys all over the world, preferred by both boys and girls, used at the same time to make decorations with a playful appearance for the baby's room and of children.

Teddy bears, ideal play partners for little ones


When it comes to plush toys, we must know that little ones prefer them because they stimulate their need to become protectors themselves. Through play, the child imagines situations and, with the help of extra toys, projects himself as an adult. Thus, the child takes care of, protects, feeds and plays with his little extra toy.

The teddy bear gives the little one the feeling of control, but also increases his self-confidence. Regardless of whether it is larger or smaller, a teddy bear is an ideal play partner for the little ones. It can be used both during the day and to accompany the little one at night, in the world of dreams.

In addition, in the Baby's Room there is a wide range of decorated or decorative objects symbolizing teddy bears, which can be used to calm the little one (musical toy), to provide warmth and protect him (blanket with teddy bear), as a lamp watch, rocking chair or playground.

Decorations with teddy bears for the Baby's Room

The white Nanan Tato rocker can be used from 0 months, being provided with an additional pillow in the head area, for the increased comfort of the baby. To ensure maximum comfort, the Nanan Tato rocking chair has a seat that can be adjusted in two different positions, a three-point fastening belt, to offer maximum safety to the baby, and a built-in vibration device. The toy bar is decorated with three cheerful extra toys in the form of adorable teddy bears and can be easily detached. Each material used to make the Nanan Tato rocking chair is non-allergenic, extremely soft and delicate, can be easily sanitized and at the same time provides maximum protection and safety for the little one.

Fluffy play mats

For the moments during the day when the little one feels like playing, we can use the fluffy mattress decorated with teddy bears from the Nanan Tato collection, a space suitable for relaxation, but also for playing. This extra, particularly soft playground offers extra protection for the little ones, who are protected in this way from any kind of accident. The playground is equipped with an extremely funny teddy bear head, ideal to be used as a pillow. The playground can be used from birth, so it is an ideal choice both to decorate our baby's room and to be offered as a gift.

For children, the Baby Room offers an ideal way to have fun throughout the day with the help of rockers. The plush rocker is made of soft-touch wood and cotton, an adorable plush friend built on a solid wood frame with handles and footrests. If you want a toy that is funny, practical, but also extremely cute, this rocking chair is the ideal option. In addition, you can use this type of toys to develop your child's intelligence and creativity, which is stimulated from a visual, tactile and motor point of view.

Furniture with teddy bears for the baby and child's room

But if you want pieces of furniture decorated with teddy bears, you have at your disposal a varied offer of pieces of furniture and accessories that you can use. In the Toby collection you will find pieces of furniture decorated with teddy bears and stars, and in the Mirtillo collection with teddy bears and hearts or cute bunnies.

You can also choose a set of 6 pieces from the Timmy collection, beautifully decorated with teddy bears, but also those from the Bubu collection, decorated with teddy bears with your choice of white, pink, blue and gray bows. The furniture is made of solid beech wood and can be used from birth. The cot from the Bubu collection is provided with an adjustable mattress support in two positions, for zero - six months and 6 months - 5 years, being extremely beneficial for the spine of babies, thus allowing a harmonious development of the little ones.

The four-piece bed protector for the baby's crib from the Nuvola collection contains a bed quilt, a quilt cover, a pillow case and a bed guard with a bow fastening. The decoration with teddy bears is completed by soft bows, but also by diaphanous stars that take you to the most beautiful stories.

And in the Tobia collection you will find pieces of furniture and accessories decorated with fluffy bears, made of solid wood and painted with water-based ecological paints and varnishes, extremely safe for your baby. The cot from this collection is provided with two roomy drawers, two compartments that allow efficient storage of diapers, toys, but also of the little one's accessories. Each piece in this collection has a particularly elegant design, complete with hearts, stars, bears and bunnies that will make your little one feel surrounded by friends, in a friendly and funny setting at the same time.

And, to complete the atmosphere in the little one's room, we recommend you to use the bedside lamps decorated with teddy bears, to bring an extra touch of magic and light to your child's room!