It's a real joy to see your dream come true and we know you're looking forward to the moment when you'll see your angel face and body again. The long-awaited moment is filled with emotions, and all this time you can invest in setting up your own relaxation corner, as a form of love and the perfect gift for the joy that the little one has brought into your life, yours, as well parents.

A beautiful room, decorated according to its image, taking into account all the needs of the child, but also the current trends in terms of interior design, will enliven your home, as well as the child's well-being. That's why we're here to help you with a series of valuable information on setting up a baby's room in a unified style, through Nanan furniture pieces.

Nanan and the most inspired and modern baby furniture collections

Why Nanan? Because it has proven over time that it is a quality brand in which you can invest with confidence to enliven the baby's room and to fully meet his needs from the very beginning.

Parents love the variety of pieces of furniture they can find through this brand, but also their quality, the increased attention to finishes and the slightly rounded edges that watch over the baby's health.

The brand has numerous pieces of furniture divided into six collections, each with formidable pieces that will fit perfectly with small or generously sized rooms. Let's present you the most special Nanan products and collections!

Luxury co-sleeper cots - contact Nanan

If you want to feel your child closer to your soul, without omitting comfort and giving him the chance to adopt an appropriate position during sleep, cosleeper cots from Nanan will help you.

These cots come with folding sliding sides, so you can combine the little one's bed with your personal one and walk through the world of sleep holding hands. You can adjust the included mattresses to nine positions, so that your child is closer than ever.

At the same time, years and years from now, the cot can continue to be used by the child or it can be transformed into a comfortable sofa, ideal for a relaxing break.

The high height of the legs provided with functional wheels will ensure that you can move the cot to its own bedroom at any time and thanks to the solid structure you don't have to worry that it could get off the cot or that it could fall.

The Prestige Luxury Collection

The Prestige collection redefines the luxury and elegance of the baby's room through a series of furniture pieces with a modern and tasteful design. The neutral color palette allows the combination of furniture pieces with different decorations, so that the room acquires an exceptional air and a unified appearance.

You will find here convertible cots with a mattress included, to which the padded panels from the same collection can be added, transforming them in this way into ideal cots even for children as young as 7 years old.

The beech beds are provided with a storage drawer where you can store your favorite bedding.

The Puccio Luxury collection

The Prestige collection impresses with its cute and sweet details that you will fall in love with at first sight. You can opt for a special bassinet in the shape of a stroller that is made of the same ecological, quality materials and with absolutely safe finishes.

Chest of drawers models with four drawers, chipboard cabinets with PVC changing table and 3 drawers, cots and classic or cosleeping cots are decorated with delicate cotton accessories and plush toys that will enliven the entire room.

Tato Luxury Collection

In this sector you will find absolutely all the furniture options that will delight your baby and that will conquer your soul above all, through the cute and playful design.

From cots for babies, to chests of drawers with a changing table that can be provided with a cover, a chest of drawers with wicker drawers, a chair, an ergonomic armchair for the table or extra, etc. all models inspire safety, elegance and calm, being pieces of furniture designed from durable materials and according to the Montessori style.

The Bambo Luxury collection

Elegant chests of drawers with a delicate design await you in the Bambo collection, for male and female babies. The chests of drawers are made of E1 class chipboard and with water-based finishes, being provided with functional wheels that support their easy transport. The drawers are also made of durable wood and have a generous storage space for all the baby's things.

Paci and Fiocco Luxury collection

Next to this are the Paci and Fiocco collections where you will find cots, wardrobes, but also wooden cabinets and chests of drawers with teddy bears, pieces of furniture that are generous in terms of storage space, durable and that can be used versatilely even in years and years.

How to arrange the baby's room in 2021?

The Nanan brand is omnipresent at Cam era Bebelusului and Anne Bebe, being an Italian brand that produces accessories and extensive furniture items from durable materials, of the best quality, carefully constructed and certified according to European Union standards.

The overall room, made up of vast decorations and pieces of furniture, will visually and psychologically influence the safety and tranquility of the baby, even of the parents.

That is why it is preferable to avoid combining different materials, textures and colors, so that the arrangement of the room with a cot, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, etc. from the same collection, as Nanan, to complete the room with a unitary style that offers the feeling of tranquility, of a pleasant and comfortable environment, but also of an environment that has a neat appearance.

How much does luxury furniture for babies cost?

The price of quality furniture is not fixed, but varies according to personal requirements and needs. Thus, Nanan furniture pieces have prices between approximately 600 lei and 9000 lei, depending on the material from which the model is built, the size, the number of pieces, as well as the implications of the technological process and the increased attention to details.

Furniture pieces from Nanan are of the best quality, given the durable construction and the fact that no potentially toxic chemical agents or classic paints are used, which can affect the baby's health.

What pieces of furniture do you need for your baby?


For a room furnished with all the furniture you and the little one need for its harmonious development, it is necessary to invest in a cot, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a changing table.

Of course, the options are very varied, both in terms of style and features. You can opt for universal chests of drawers even equipped with a tub for bathing and/or a changing table, but also for extendable beds, simple or equipped with all the necessary accessories for a peaceful sleep.

The simplest solution to furnish the baby's room with style is to use furniture sets that can be made up of three or more pieces. As I mentioned before, by opting for the Nanan furniture sets, I assure you that you will get a unitary furnishing style, in the same color palette, with the same elegant finishes and of top quality, which will give you a tasteful result.

Nanan furniture - dream of love from the first night at home

Love will be in the air from the first moment you bring your baby home. You will bathe in his eyes like in a pleasant dream, and day by day you will absorb him from your looks and watch over him carefully.

However, because the little one will sleep most of the time and because the quiet sleep will turn him into a healthy and lively child, the baby will need carefully chosen pieces of furniture. We therefore want to reveal to you how you can choose the best pieces of furniture and why Nanan is the perfect brand, ideal from the first days of your child's life.

1. Baby cot made of beech wood

baby furniture nanan baby room

The cot for the baby must be a safe one, in which you can have full confidence that it will contribute to the peace and safety of the little one. The carefully finished edges of the Nanan furniture and the neutral colors combined with a splash of cheerful color through the details like bears, bows, etc. they will fill the living room and, at the same time, they will make sure that the little one does not fall out of the cot and enjoys a fully comfortable position, thanks to the adjustable height steps. All Nanan cots are made of solid beech wood and treated with water-based paint. They are also provided with sliding sides, which means that you can easily transform them into a cot that you can associate with your personal bed or a cot that the little one will be able to use even when he grows up . There are also wheels that make them easy to transport in the room whenever you want to move the cot or rethink the arrangement of the room.

We also recommend you to opt for the cots that come with a mattress included, as they offer you many extra advantages. For example, you will make sure in this way that you don't have to spend extra time to find the perfect mattress. In these cot sets, the mattress is 100% compatible in terms of size and pleasant to the touch, ensuring an optimal position for the harmonious development of the child.

2. Puccio N anan chest of drawers for babies' bedrooms

nanan baby furniture chest of drawers

A Nanan chest of drawers comes with countless benefits. First of all, it is an extremely necessary element in the child's room, which you can use to carefully store everything necessary for him - from linens, to clothes, medical accessories and care products, etc.

You will find such a chest of drawers extremely useful, through which you will be able to organize yourself more easily and which will be at your fingertips every time you need it. Thus, you will save time and energy to prepare the little one's crib, to dress him, to bathe him, etc.

You can opt for classic chests of drawers made up of 4 drawers, with a wooden structure and wicker storage spaces, or for wooden chests of drawers equipped with a tub and a changing table.

Regardless of the option that suits you best, Nanan chests of drawers fit perfectly in a unitary furnished room, the models being among the most cheerful, decorated with toys or attractive models. You can opt for a chest of drawers in shades of blue for boys, but also for a pink chest of drawers for girls or for a neutral color palette, suitable for both sexes.

The compact design makes them easy to fit even on a small surface, and the ergonomic design makes them easy to transport.

3. The cabinet of babies

cabinet baby furniture

Unlike a chest of drawers, the baby cabinet is an existential piece of furniture in the baby's room given that it comes with a much more generous storage capacity, but also a custom-made structure, made of wood, when we talk about the cabinets produced by Nanan .

Such a chest of drawers is a durable choice through which you can safely store large and/or numerous baby items and accessories. For example, the chest of drawers allows you to store bed linen, numerous clothing and hygiene items, but you can also use it to store the many toys that contribute to the child's development.

Due to the finish made of chipboard and PVC, the emissions of toxic substances are minimal, so its presence in the room will not affect the baby's health. Nanan cabinets are finished with water-based varnishes and paints, which last over time, and the non-slip feet keep it in position even when heavy articles and accessories with a large volume are stored in it.

4. Changing table, tub and drawers


For any parent, swaddling the baby can be a real challenge, especially since the little one is energetic and can be difficult to control during the whole process. Having a fragile and delicate body, the process of swaddling the baby will be tailored, often carried out slowly and with great attention.

The changing table is one of the basic pieces of furniture in the baby's room, provided with a special table that will help the little one adopt an optimal position during the process. It can prevent the deformation of the spine caused by an ordinary mattress or the discomfort caused by a typical changing table, aspects that can make the whole process difficult.

These chests of drawers can also be equipped with a special diaper cover, made of durable, easy-to-clean materials.

Thus, the child will be more relaxed every time you swaddle him, and you will be able to handle this process like a true professional, even from the first child.

5. Baby closet

Lucky babies need even more storage space as they develop over time. A special wardrobe, like a personal dressing room, will be more than welcome in the baby's room.

Nanan cabinets are made of chipboard and PVC, also painted with water-based varnishes. They consist of two roomy drawers, an adjustable shelf and a bar on which numerous hangers can be placed.

By means of such a wardrobe you can store the baby's toys, various objects and accessories for personal or functional use, but at the same time you can also store the baby's clothes one by one, ironed, which will be kept flawless when they are put on the hangers.

The wardrobe is a piece that the little one will use when he grows up, which means that you will save time and money in order to modernize his room. You will no longer have to invest in a new wardrobe, the Nanan wardrobes have generous dimensions and a storage capacity to suit.

These cabinets have a minimalist and elegant design, being suitable regardless of the gender of the child or the style of the room (for example, the shade in which you whitewashed the walls).

6. Original: Nanan cot

bassinet for babies

And last but not least, we have chosen to present you a special, completely original choice for arranging the baby's room in a unified way - the Nanan cots type landou.

These cots are extraordinary, both in terms of their cute and colorful design, as well as in terms of the benefits they offer your little one. They are ideal in the first months of life when you want to be with him 24/7, even when you choose to cross another room or want to go outside on the balcony.

The trolley shape and the design provided with 100% functional wheels, allow you to easily transport them anywhere in the room, in the house or near it. Your child can have a completely peaceful sleep in a cute bassinet, through which you can also offer him a walk before going to bed.

At the same time, we are talking about a fully durable and best quality pram, also built according to the most laborious medical and European standards, made of MDF and cotton. Thus, both the child's seat and its upper part, which can be adjusted in such a way as to reduce the amount of light that will penetrate the baby, implicitly the discomfort, are made of a cotton material, pleasant to the touch. The textile material can be detached and can be easily sanitized manually or by means of an automatic washing machine, being resistant in many conditions of use and maintenance.

The three shades available with bows, ruffled edges, etc. turn this crib into a top choice for non-conformist babies, regardless of their gender.

In conclusion, according to studies conducted by dozens of specialists from all over the world, a room arranged in a unitary style contributes to the harmonious development of the child's physical and mental health, being a form of respect and love for them.

Also, a room equipped with quality furniture, made of durable materials and with non-toxic finishes, will nicely complete a room regardless of its dimensions.

Through the Nanan collection, you can easily arrange the room of the baby and the future child, according to modern trends, offering him from the first day of life a relaxing and comfortable environment, in which he will feel pampered every day.