Myths about childbirth and raising children can be dangerous when adopted without a realistic assessment of one's situation and needs. One such myth is that it is good to have children after you have reached a position of power and earn well, especially if you are a mother. This myth suggests that once professional success is achieved, family success naturally follows. However, reality is often different and expectations may not be met.

myth or reality

Why delaying the decision to have children can have negative effects on them

The first and most important reason why it's not always a good idea to delay having a baby is related to fertility. As we age, the chances of conceiving a child decrease significantly. In addition, the risk of complications during pregnancy increases with age. Therefore, if you delay the moment you decide to have a baby too long, your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby can decrease significantly.

We also have to consider that life can be very unpredictable. Even if you are in a stable financial position and feel ready to have a baby, you cannot predict what will happen in the future. You may lose your job or suffer a serious illness that affects your ability to have or care for a child. There may also be an unforeseen situation, such as a separation or divorce, that can negatively affect your decision to have a child.

Being a parent is a big responsibility and shouldn't be a choice based only on your own comfort

A high salary does not automatically guarantee parenting success. There is no perfect time to have children. Having a child should not be a choice based solely on personal comfort. Being a parent is a big but beautiful responsibility and it should be a choice made with care and consideration, it should be based on the desire to raise a family, to be a role model and to provide love and care to a child, and not just for personal satisfaction or to have an "inheritance".

Postponing the decision to have children can also have negative effects on your children. Older age can increase the risk of medical and genetic problems and make pregnancy and childbirth more difficult. Children may also have difficulty building a strong relationship with their parents if they are too busy with work and other responsibilities.