Every child has their own pace of development, some have it faster and others slower.

The first steps of the child are recommended to be taken at home with bare feet. Most specialists advise us not to rush to choose a pair of shoes, but to give the child some time to practice walking with free feet (non-slip socks are a great solution for slippery surfaces in the house) for an uncomplicated development.

First pair of shoes

After your baby takes his first steps in bare feet, you can start looking for the right pairs for going outside. It is recommended that in the first phase the sole of the shoe be soft, for example, made of leather, to allow the child to fix his sole properly and to develop his fingers, muscles and a correct gait.

Even though a soft sole allows you to feel the structure you step on entirely, a soft sole provides protection for certain slippery, cold or dirty surfaces.

Child's comfort

Using a thin and comfortable sole, the child will have no problems wearing them. Even if there is a possibility of small discomforts, adaptation is done gradually and will occur naturally.

What to avoid

The first shoes should be as soft, light and comfortable as possible. To avoid are rigid shoes and those that rise on the ankle. They can create discomfort for the child and increase the risk of unfavorable leg muscle development, which can lead to deformities and dislocations.