As we have noted so far, we live in an age of myths and unfounded information. Another myth circulating today is that it would be healthy to keep the baby's food in a thermos for even 30 minutes, so that it does not spoil.

To begin with, we should understand what a thermos is, what it does, and when it should be used.

What is a thermos?

The thermos (vacuum flask) is a container made up of two walls, one inside and one outside, with a vacuum between them. The main role is to keep the consumables at the temperature at which they were put into it, whether the temperature is low or high.

Operating principle:

The inner wall is equipped with a reflective layer, with the role of reflecting the thermal radiation of the liquid inside the thermos. The vacuum, which is located between the two walls, has the role of a thermal insulator.

The advantage of using a vacuum flask is that the only way a body loses heat is through thermal radiation. Normally, bodies reduce their temperature due to heat loss when they come into contact with the outside air. If the body is in a vacuum, then the time it will lose heat will be much longer.

Depending on the production and quality of the thermos, it can keep the temperature of liquids up to 24 hours.

Therefore, keeping the child's food in a thermos for 30 minutes does not help us at all, neither from a nutritional point of view, nor in terms of macro and micronutrients.