New parents are always looking for solutions to improve the quality of their little one's sleep and peace of mind , which is often a significant priority. One of the most common myths encountered is that purchasing a rocking bed will facilitate rest time and make it quieter. However, reality shows that this can have negative and unexpected effects on the child's development.

mit baby rocking bed

The rocking bed will calm the baby - false

Many parents believe that rocking the bed will quickly calm the baby and make him fall asleep faster. However, there is a risk that he associates the swing with a place of play or fun instead of a suitable sleeping environment. This fact can make him dependent on the swinging motion of the rocking bed, which will cause him to fall asleep in other similar environments.

In addition, the rockers can limit the freedom of movement and can affect his motor development during periods of rest.

It is important for parents to be aware of the fact that sleep is a complex process and influenced by many factors, such as the routine, the sleeping environment or the health status of the little one. Encouraging a healthy and peaceful sleep requires creating a comfortable and safe space for the baby, as well as establishing a regular routine for rest hours.

This myth can be deceptive and counterproductive in reality, therefore it is recommended that parents not rely on quick and simplistic solutions, but rather approach sleep problems by looking for options to create a healthy and restful place for their child.