Adequate care of the child's skin involves more than daily washing and frequent application of creams, it involves finding a balance. The truth is that excessive washing and excessive use of creams can have adverse effects on the delicate skin of the child.

The importance of pH and the protective barrier

The skin of babies and small children is extremely sensitive and delicate. Excessive skin washing and excessive use of creams can disrupt the natural pH balance and affect the skin's protective barrier. This can lead to dryness, irritation and even skin rashes. It is important to respect this balance and to use appropriate care products for the child's sensitive skin.

The natural role of oils and skin barriers

The child's skin has a unique and sensitive structure, naturally having a layer of oils and a protective barrier. These natural oils and the skin barrier play an important role in maintaining hydration and protecting the skin against external factors. Excessive washing can remove these natural oils and disrupt the skin's balance.

Individual sensitivity and triggering factors

Each child has a different skin type and may be more sensitive to certain substances or environmental factors. Even cleaning products and creams considered safe and mild can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation in certain children. Also, factors such as exposure to extreme temperatures, pollution, synthetic clothes or wet diapers can contribute to the appearance of rashes.

Overuse of creams and disruption of the skin's balance

Excessive application of creams can disturb the natural balance of the child's skin and can contribute to the appearance of skin rashes. They can block the pores and prevent the skin from breathing properly, which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria or the retention of moisture and, implicitly, to the appearance of irritations.

The correct approach to the child's skin hygiene

To protect and maintain the health of the child's skin, it is important to approach hygiene in a balanced way. Regular washing of the skin with warm water and delicate cleaning products, suitable for the sensitive skin of the child, is enough to remove dirt and sweat. The use of creams must be oriented towards hydration and additional protection when needed, such as in the case of excessive drying of the skin or exposure to extreme conditions.