Decorating a child's room can pose some challenges when it comes to choosing furniture, especially the bed. A popular model today is the upholstered one, due to its aesthetic and elegant designs.

The myth that a baby can suffocate in an upholstered bed has no basis in fact. Upholsteries are made of different textile materials, each with different purposes:

Durability and ease of cleaning : polyester, cotton and fabric blends.

Stain resistance : artificial or ecological leather, treated fabrics (microfibre, cotton, nylon, polyester).

Aesthetic appearance and comfort : it is important that the environment in which the child develops is pleasant and comfortable; sleep is one of the most important factors in the harmonious development of the little one.

Possible choking factors:

Bumpers : their dimensions must be suitable to avoid the risk of blocking the baby's head.

Toys or small objects : it is crucial to be careful about what we leave in the child's bed and the size of the toys we choose. Many toys have age-recommended labels. Regardless of what the label indicates, it is essential to check that the toy does not have removable parts that can be swallowed by the child. This also includes toys that emit sounds, as they often have special compartments for batteries. Make sure they are securely fastened and closed properly.

Parental inattention : supervision of the child is essential for its safety, whether it is playing, eating or sleeping, as there is a risk of suffocation.

It is important to consider these factors and be informed to ensure a safe and healthy sleep and play environment for our child.