Necessary baby list 6-12 months

The baby period between 6 and 12 months is very beautiful and at the same time full of challenges. Diversification advances, babies begin to say their first words, towards 1 year separation anxiety begins to appear, the first teeth appear, they will take their first steps and tick off as many purchases as possible. That is why it is important to give the child everything he needs to feel good and to give him the freedom to evolve at his own pace. In the following, the main recommendations that may be necessary for a 6-12 month old baby are presented.

Clothes for babies 6-12 months

The clothes must be made of natural materials and have cuts that allow the baby to move freely, considering that he is more and more active and will take his first steps.

For boys, for special occasions, you can choose a 3-piece Set Mickraz Short Brown Overalls Striped Shirt Bow Tie Cumino 3268 . This is comfortable and looks great, so everyone will tell you that baby looks adorable dressed like this.


Set of 3 pieces Mickraz Short Brown Overalls Striped Shirt Bow Tie Cumino 3268

As everyday clothes or for going to town, you can choose one

Set of 2 White Pig Print T-Shirt & Gray Shorts for Boys 6079 iDO

. It is comfortable, easy to wear and has a funny print.

For your little girl, you can choose panty overalls, which she can wear both in summer and in the rest of the year, with trousers on top and a cardigan or another blouse. One such example is this Cream Short Jumpsuit With Navy Blue Flower Print With Straps For Girls 13676 Baby Dola .

13676 Baby Doll

From the category of elegant clothes for girls, you can choose this Pink Dress With Short Sleeves With Bow At The Waist Girls 6779 Minibanda . It can be worn both on special occasions and for a photo shoot, for example.

6779 Miniband

Tracksuits will be of great help during this period, so for boys we recommend a model that is not only comfortable, but also very beautiful: 3-Piece Green Tracksuit With Navy Blue Hoodie & 2 Pairs of Boy's Pants Mayoral 1835 .

3 Piece Tracksuit Green With Navy Blue Hoodie & 2 Pairs Boy's Pants Mayoral 1835

Of course, we also have recommendations for girls, so we suggest you choose a Pink and Gray Zebra Print 3-Piece Tracksuit for Girls Mayoral 1744 .

3 Piece Tracksuit Pink With Gray Zebra Print Girls Mayoral 1744

Both tracksuits that I have recommended are made of excellent materials, gentle on the skin and which allow the baby to move freely.


Between 6-12 months, most parents decide to give up co-sleeping cots and move the baby either to a special cot, in the room with them, or they will move him to his own room. A very good furniture recommendation for the baby's room is this 4-piece package Cot + Mattress + Protective Textile Set + Nido Chest of Drawers . This set is made of very good, resistant materials, finished with a non-toxic paint, a very important criterion to take into account.

Package of 4 pieces Cot + Mattress + Textile Protection Set + Nido Chest of Drawers

Of course, the crib will also need linen, so we can recommend a very nice model, a Gray 3-Piece Bed Linen Set With Teddy Bear & Rabbit D64 . The set is made of 100% cotton and includes a sheet for the cot mattress 100 x 155 cm, pillowcase 57 x 38 cm and bed sheet 111 x 165 cm.

3-Piece Cot Bedding Set Gray With Teddy Bear & Bunny D64

Various accessories and essentials

This category includes many products that you might not have thought of. For example, now is the ideal time for mom to change her stroller bag. You can opt for one with a casual design, which does not look like a classic maternity bag. One such example is the Pink Maternity Bag With Hearts Print Mayoral 19279 .

Pink Maternity Bag With Hearts Print Mayoral 19279

Regarding the towels, we recommend a model that is not only adorable, but also very effective: Cream hooded towel with gray zebra 100X100 cm 815-302-632 . Due to its size, it can be used both for wiping the child after the bath and for wrapping him.

Cream hooded towel with gray zebra 100X100 cm 815-302-632


Last but not least, we also discuss toys and dolls, considering that it is a period when the child becomes more interested in them. Thus, a toy like this Sleeping Bear Thermal Toy Plush Beige Baby Warmies 01232 will quickly become your child's favorite and will even help him during periods when his tummy hurts or when he wants to comfort himself.

Thermal Toy Sleeping Bear Plush Beige Babies Warmies 01232

So, if you have a baby between 6 and 12 months old, we hope you find our recommendations useful!