Sleep is as important for children's bodies as food. When you have your first child, usually no one prepares you for the lack of sleep during the night. As the baby grows, he starts to stop waking up at night because of hunger, but he can wake up because of the fear of the dark.

When you get to sleep through the night again, the little ones with their night light, you can declare yourself victorious. Your entire home enjoys the benefits of an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Night light - one of the most practical accessories for children

There are many details that can help your child sleep better, and the night light is one of them, because it ensures continuous peace for the little one, throughout the night, creating longer sleep intervals.

Night lights are one of the few truly necessary accessories for new parents. Experts recommend that babies be woken for food every two to three hours during the night, in the first weeks of life. Even after this period, most infants and children will need to be changed and comforted regularly, throughout the night.

Turning on the bright light bulb during feeding is a dramatic stimulus for the little one, which can damage his sleep health, as well as that of the parent. Instead, a night light with a warm, adjustable light or a plush toy with diffused light can be of real help.

Nanan teddy bear night light

Reasons why the night light is beneficial

Doctors suggest that the night light can stimulate a baby's brain development

The American Optometric Association recommends that parents leave a night light on in the baby's room to stimulate visual development, especially from birth to four months of age.

The night light is useful for small children who start to have nightmares

Often, between 2 - 4 years old, some children develop a fear of the dark, and a night light in the room can help them feel safe, fall asleep more easily and not wake up at night many times.

Parents and children can walk more easily through a dimly lit room

A diffuse light source on in the room can be helpful for children who wake up to go to the bathroom or for the parent who comes into the baby's room to see why he is crying. In addition to the development of vision, night-watch lamps are practical to maintain a soft light in the room, useful for feeding the baby or changing diapers.

Strong light during the night and melatonin production

Exposure to strong light at night blocks the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in 99% of adults and children. Melatonin is responsible for the quality of our sleep and is linked to a number of health and immunity functions. A 2011 study found that "compared to dim light from a night light, exposure to bright room light before bed can significantly suppress melatonin." The night light in the baby's room is absolutely necessary in its first months of life, but most parents do not use the right type of light or default to the strong bulb in the room.

Top 3 night lights for babies

  1. Veioza Nanan Tato White 5608

Baby glasses Puccio Nanan 1242R

With a minimalist and elegant design, this lamp emits a pleasant light for children and babies. The light is cold to prevent any unpleasant accidents. The lamp has a solid wooden support, with a warm appearance, perfect for the children's room. It beautifies and brings a happy note to the child's universe, being the ideal wake-up light when you go to change the baby, feed him or watch him sleep.

  1. Nanan Tato teddy bear night light 25 cm 1902

teddy bear lights the baby's room

This is not a simple night light. It's a very cute teddy bear that sings and lights up. Older children will become irreparably attached to this addition, which will watch over their sleep like a magical guardian from the stories their parents read at night. The Puccio bear is the soft velvet friend that every child wants. Before sleep, the little one can listen to a pleasant and soothing song that the teddy bear plays beautifully.

  1. Puccio Chandelier Pink Nanan 12580R


With a sturdy metal structure and an attractive pendulum shape, the teddy bear chandelier creates a special effect in the baby's room. The pink cotton fabric, the wavy design, the cheerful teddy bear and the sweet hearts around it make the chandelier quickly become a piece of central interest in the little one's universe. The light emitted by the chandelier is warm, pleasant and does not disturb. It is the perfect light for quiet evenings when you read something interesting to your child, sing to him and tenderly say "Good night".

We recommend that you invest in a pleasant night light for the baby, with a warm light and made of durable materials. If it is durable, a plush toy with a night light can positively mark the entire childhood of the little one. Discover our current promotions for night lights and baby lamps. Click here