Bringing a child into the world is a true miracle for any mother. The little ones will fill that void that the parents sometimes felt in their souls, becoming as they say from the people - their daily dose of oxygen and the air they breathe.

The first month of pregnancy

Regardless of whether the pregnancy is planned ahead of time and succeeds from the first attempt or that it appears as a surprise after taking a pregnancy test, the first month consisting of 4 weeks of pregnancy out of the total of 39 weeks represents the period in which the fetus begins to develop. Some doctors say that it is a critical period and it is necessary to be carefully monitored to ensure the proper formation of the embryo.

Every mother has a different body. It is good to consult the doctor if you are facing certain health conditions to make sure that everything is going according to expectations. By the way, the visit to the gynecologist becomes mandatory when you plan to get pregnant. If it's the first time you and your partner have decided to have a child, don't be discouraged regardless of the situation! Not every pregnancy is problematic, just as not every mother becomes pregnant for the first time or has a difficult experience.

Symptoms that you are in the first month of pregnancy

There are mothers who do not realize that they are pregnant and attribute certain changes in the body from the first 4 weeks to a hectic lifestyle, hormonal disturbances, etc. However, if your symptoms include delayed menstruation, which is the most common situation, it is ideal to take a pregnancy test or a series of tests. The delay of menstruation can be caused by several factors, and during the development of the embryo there are also people who do not foresee any changes in it.

When you also have episodes of nausea, pain and/or light bleeding, a sudden feeling of fatigue, as well as pain in the nipples, even a series of behavioral and emotional changes, the chances of being in the first month of pregnancy grow significantly. You may experience all or some of these symptoms. And yes, you can get pregnant even using different contraceptive methods.

What is not recommended to do in the first month of pregnancy?

If your pregnancy has been confirmed, congratulations! All that remains is for you to gradually learn what this experience entails, especially if it's the first time, and to provide care for both of you. Of course, this does not mean, for example, that you eat more. But to limit the stress in your life, to make sure that you have a balanced diet, rich in nutrients that will contribute to the good development of the little one, to give up vices or to consume pregnancy vitamins (according to the doctor's instructions).

the first month of pregnancy

Make sure you don't exaggerate in any way and don't hesitate to ask your partner for help whenever you feel the need, both physically and emotionally. If all kinds of changes occur that worry you, such as bleeding that can be normal, but also a sign of a problem, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

The first preparations for the baby

As exciting as this experience will be for you, those close to you will be so excited to hear the news. So, if everything is fine, you can already talk to those who are close to you and make the first preparations for his coming into the world. If you have a unique style of making yourself noticed, you can make the news of pregnancy known in a unique way, by preparing a party or various other playful experiences, without directly transmitting the news.

You can get an idea of ​​how you would like the baby's room to look and you can take a look at a baby bed where he can sleep comfortably and safely. At the same time, you can take a look at cute decorations and toys. We do not recommend you to buy clothes and other things like that, because until the day you give birth, there will be many weight changes and you risk buying pieces that will not fit. As a result, these types of purchases will be left for the last months.

Having said that, we wish you an easy and fantastic pregnancy from all points of view!