The little one is already preparing to come into the world!

If the belly didn't keep growing, you might think that nothing happens in the sixth month. This, of course, if you don't stay all the time looking for what changes are occurring in your case or in the child.

Well, the sixth month is by no means an unimportant month, but it is the period in which the baby prepares to be born. This month the baby will change its position, and will move head down!

6th month of pregnancy

What is it like to be six months pregnant?

If until now you were trying to find clothes in which you could feel sexy even with a belly and you were still concerned about the way you look, this "worry" is already starting to disappear. Starting this month, it becomes more important to feel comfortable, than to try to stay in step with fashion.

Loose clothes become the best friend of most pregnant women, because they "know" how to make you more relaxed and help you to move freely. This month, as well as in the following ones, the "belly" is actually a real ball, and those who call it that, just want to be cute.

pregnant mommy and baby clothes

You can see how big he has grown. You know better than everyone that it started to be quite difficult to move normally. It's clear! Only "belly" you can no longer call it! And, it is certain, that it will grow!

Starting this month, the weight gains will be more and more visible. It is possible that, during this period, you gain even one kilogram a week. But don't be afraid! It is perfectly normal for this to happen.

Apart from the fact that the belly will continue to grow significantly, another thing that will continue to haunt you is swollen ankles. In the last months of pregnancy, most women face this problem. It's possible that, at some point, you'll wonder if you've ever had ankles, because it's been so long since you've had swollen and painful feet that you don't even remember what it was like before!

Less pleasant news

Since during this period, and in the following one, weight gain is very fast, your skin is subject to trauma. Therefore, it is very possible that, starting this month, stretch marks will appear.

The areas most prone to stretch marks are especially the abdomen and breasts, because these are the parts of the body that increase the most in volume during this period.

However, stretch marks are the least "care" to take care of, related to the sixth month. Because, besides them, there are other things, less pleasant, that will appear.

In the sixth month, something quite unpleasant, but which is also a sign that everything is in order, are the uterine contractions. Your body is already starting to prepare for the moment when you will give birth, and even if it is not very pleasant, it is something perfectly normal, which tells you that things are going as they should.

Another thing, which you may encounter in the following months, is small urine losses. Due to the fact that the uterus is getting bigger and leaves less and less space for the other organs, your bladder might feel a bit more "crowded".

So, be very careful when you sneeze, when someone makes a good joke and you start laughing, or when you have a coughing fit! These are just some of the moments when the pressure on the bladder will be felt more than ever!

How much did the little one grow in the sixth month?

Every day, the baby does not stay in the belly for nothing! He continues to grow and develop. In the sixth month, the baby is already between 25-30cm long, and it really looks like a human baby!

Many of the organs are already formed, and some of the bones also exist. What is new, in the sixth month, instead, is about the eyes! The baby is able, from this month, to blink, and his eyes will be almost completely formed.

Also, another novelty appears at the level of the fingers. In the sixth month, the baby "gets" nails, and his fingerprints also develop. There are also changes in the respiratory system, where the pulmonary alveoli work hard to make the newborn's breathing easier, by secreting some substances.

The sixth month is a special month, because it is considered that this is the first moment when the fetus can survive outside the womb, of course, with the help of specialized medical care.

The little one is actually bigger than you might think!

What is incredible is the fact that the baby is already developed to face many obstacles in the external life, and we can realize this from the habits that the little one already has. He can already perceive sounds, suck his finger, swallow or sleep. Many of his body parts are fully developed and ready for new life.

The little one has grown bigger than ever and can even survive in our world, and this is a sign that there is not much left until the moment of birth! From this month, it is possible that a new wave of enthusiasm will invade your soul. The desire to finally "meet" the little one will start to grow stronger!

The last months of pregnancy will be the ones in which you and the little one will become best friends. Although you can't see each other yet, a bond will begin to be created between you that no one will be able to break! He can hear your heartbeat, and you can feel his movements more and more, and this will make each of you know that, somewhere, very close, someone is always present!

But don't let the less pleasant parts take over your well-being. Enjoy every beautiful moment of pregnancy and forget that there are also less pleasant things, because you will miss this period when the little one appears!

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