What events take place in the eighth month?

About the eighth month, you might think it's really boring, because many of the events that will take place in this month also existed in the previous month. However, certain phenomena could intensify.

The contractions become a bit stronger this month, and sometimes they could make you think you're about to give birth. Also, in the eighth month, you can no longer use the diminutive "tummy", because your abdomen has grown enormously!

Sleep, something you won't get much of

eighth month of pregnancy diary
Regarding the growing abdomen, it will not only bother you during the day, when it won't let you do much, but it might also start to bother you at night. Since the weight has increased so much, a comfortable position to sleep will be very difficult to find. And this might not be the only problem when it comes to lack of sleep.

The child gives more and more with his hands and feet. And he or she will not care if you sleep or not. When it's time to move, then you move, you don't take into account that it's midnight and mommy is sleeping!

The baby is just trying to keep in shape and be as active as possible when it comes into the world, but this might affect your sleep hours, both in the eighth month and in the last month of pregnancy. Maybe the phenomenon of sleepless nights appeared even from the seventh month if you were a little more unlucky!

Sleep may also be affected by uterine contractions. Since they cannot be controlled, their appearance can occur, even at the hours when you are trying to rest, so there are many things that will not leave you alone at night!
the eighth month of pregnancy

Don't cause insomnia alone!

There is something here, however, that you must take into account. When you still want to have a good and restful sleep, you don't need to worry too much. It is enough that there are many uncomfortable positions, movements of the child and contractions of the uterus, to all this, you don't have to add other reasons that make you stop falling asleep.

8th month pregnancy diary

Since the moment of birth is getting closer, it may seem difficult not to ask yourself all kinds of questions. Maybe you are afraid of how the birth will unfold, how the recovery will be, or how you will manage when you take care of the little one. But all these worries will "help" you to stay awake even longer.

Occupy your mind with beautiful things before you go to bed, because otherwise you risk not having a single moment of sleep, and the lack of rest will affect you as well as the baby!

The need to go to the bathroom, swollen legs and back pain - your "friends" in the eighth month

It is not too difficult to realize that both swollen legs and severe back pain are related to the enlarged abdomen. That's why it's not hard to realize that, as long as the belly doesn't disappear, they don't either. What you can do, however, to improve them, is to continue to keep in shape and exercise.

Don't try to become an athlete overnight. That would not suit you at all! However, a quiet walk through the park is welcome. Also, a relaxation massage or one to relax the muscles helps a lot.

As for the need to go to the toilet to urinate, well, it will follow you until the end of the pregnancy. However, pay attention to hydration! Even if a glass of water takes you to the bathroom in less than 10 minutes, continue to consume liquids every time you feel it is necessary.

How much does the baby grow in the eighth month of pregnancy?

In the eighth month, not only you gain weight, but also the little one grows. He has experienced major weight changes and, this month, he may even exceed two kilograms.

Also, apart from the lungs, which are still being "worked on", the other organs of the baby are fully developed and are perfectly functional. The little one is already able to face extrauterine life with the organs he has! However, there is still one month until everything is perfect!

The hair on his face and body starts to disappear, and he becomes more and more interested in what is happening "outside". Now, loud sounds are able to scare him and he becomes attentive to everything. His reactions can be affected by what he perceives to be happening around him, and sounds have the greatest influence.

The little one can start moving when he hears certain sounds, such as the voices of those close to him, but he can also get scared when someone disturbs his sleep with loud noises.

In addition to all this, the little one can surprise you with many hiccups. Both in the eighth month and in the last month, the lungs will also develop completely. And, for all the "tests" that take place so that the respiratory system can work well, the little one might start hiccups a lot.

In the last two months of pregnancy, the little one exercises his breathing, and the fact that in the environment inside the uterus, the little one is in the amniotic fluid, these exercises that he keeps doing, can lead to a series of hiccups that seem to never end.

Those hiccups do not harm the baby, but for you, it could be annoying that sometimes it seems that it never ends. Because you will feel constant movements in your belly!

These are almost all the changes that occur in the case of the baby in the eighth month. The eighth month is the time when the "last touches" are made. It's just a little while and the big moment is coming! And the impatience to finally see your baby will definitely increase significantly this month!

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