Courage, you're already halfway there!

In the fifth month, things already become very serious. Since the belly has grown quite a lot, you realize that it has been a long time since you were pregnant, and the stack of books about babies that you bought at the beginning is still as big. So, it is possible that this month you will spend more time reading and informing yourself, but also looking for clothes or various things that you will need when the little one is born.

Since you already know what gender your little one will have, this month will probably be the month in which you spend a little more time in baby stores, buying all kinds of adorable costumes for your little one. Let's talk between us, this month is ideal for such activities, because your belly still leaves you alone and you can move freely.

fifth month pregnancy diary

What is announced in the fifth month?

If until now you had some loose clothes in your closet, which fit you without any problems, from now on, your belly won't take anything into account. From the fifth month, new clothes should appear in the wardrobe, because the waist you had at the beginning of the pregnancy must have completely disappeared.

In this month, both the belly and the breasts "take care of themselves", because your body makes sure that the baby has "a very spacious house", but it also prepares for the main meal in the first months of life. Your body is so "enthusiastic" that colostrum may begin to be secreted in the breasts. So, don't be afraid if small milk spots appear on your shirts. Your breasts only "prepare" the best milk formula, so that the baby has something to eat to grow big and strong.

Besides all these things, the fifth month comes with something that, in the following months, could become quite unpleasant: muscle cramps in the lower limbs, but also their swelling. In the fifth month, your legs, and especially your ankles, may seem more swollen than ever, and from now on it is possible that it will remain so. Because the baby has brought a few extra kilos with him, your legs begin to carry an increasingly heavy burden, eventually swelling.

5th month of pregnancy

It's not just the legs that seem to be crying for help and look as if they're saying "I can't do it anymore, I'm a bit tired", but also because of the weight, back pain could also occur. Since the belly is getting bigger, and your weight has already increased quite a lot, you will hardly be able to maintain a correct back position, therefore, pain will also appear.

Unfortunately, because until the little one is born, you won't be able to get rid of the extra kilos either, both the muscle pains in the legs, as well as the back pains and inflammation of the ankles and feet, will follow you throughout this period . Try, however, to reduce the discomfort, massaging the painful areas and standing a little less than usual.

Dear belly sleeper, goodbye!

If in the past months the weight gain did not affect you too much and you had freedom of movement like before you became pregnant, starting with the fifth month things change, and your belly and breasts give you some problems. If you were used to sleeping on your stomach, starting this month, you should say goodbye to this habit, and come to terms with the idea that you will "meet" each other only after you give birth.

Sleeping on your stomach will be practically impossible from now on, either because of the enlarged abdomen or because of breast pain. This is the moment when sleep starts to be problematic. More precisely, the position in which you sleep. It will be difficult to find your place, because from now on, sleep is "done" only on one side. This is also the moment when more and more pillows appear, in order to manage, as much as possible, to find a way to sleep well.

The fifth month - the month in which you let her cry more easily

If in the first months, you could wake up crying because you killed a cockroach by mistake, the more you advance in pregnancy, the stronger you will become. The waves of hormones that "flooded" your body at the beginning, will be secreted, starting with the fifth month, almost entirely by the placenta. So, from now until the end, you will become more and more confident in what will come next.

Goodbye changing moods and tears from nothing! Things will start to be normal again and the sadness that, in the first months, hit you out of nowhere and gave you no peace, will finally leave you!

Things about the baby in the fifth month

If until now you have not been among the lucky mothers-to-be who have felt the baby's movements, from this month they should be more and more present. If until now you could easily confuse them with the feeling of bloating, because the little one is getting stronger and bigger, and his movements are gaining more force, and their appearance becomes unmistakable!

And your appetite will increase a lot, and this is because the little one is also developing enormously in the next period. In this month, most of the organs mature, and the baby grows approximately 25 cm in length.

Also this month you may start to feel a growing connection with the baby. Now that his ears are already well developed, he is able to hear what is happening outside, therefore, you will be able to notice that your voice will calm him down when he becomes agitated.

Also, the little one's digestive system is developing a lot, already becoming functional, because the baby will start drinking from the amniotic fluid. At the same time, it is the moment when the little one becomes "stricter with his schedule" and begins to create regular sleep intervals.

Congratulations, you're a mother in a little while!

Probably, as soon as the little one started to move, you already feel that you have become a mother. You don't even have to see his face, as in the first place, the little one is already there. From now on, you are taking care of them and thinking about what you have to do in the future, so that the baby has everything!

From this month, you will start to feel something that is also called "the need to make a nest". Like any mother waiting for her baby, you will want to provide it with the necessary conditions. And, therefore, you will often find yourself cleaning the house or buying various things that you consider useful.

This habit is a perfectly normal one, which, closer to the birth, will become even more intense. However, do not make this habit something full of stress, but remember to enjoy every moment! Do everything calmly and patiently, because, although five months have already passed, you still have half the task to finish! So, there will be enough time for the baby to catch you ready!

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