Honey, did I get a tummy tuck?

Pregnancy brings with it pleasant moments, but also less pleasant ones. The third month is a month full of unanswered questions, worries that you make yourself and sometimes mistakes.

It's the month when you don't understand why your belly hasn't grown yet, and at the same time, it's the only time when it would be good for your lover to answer positively to the question: "What are you saying, I've gained weight?". If he looks at you puzzled when you ask him this, well, it might be because you asked him this question several times even before you got pregnant, and he remembers well what monsters to- they unleashed, when his answer was "Yes".

What he doesn't know is that it's different now. And all you want to hear right now is, "Come on, don't you think so! Your belly has really grown a little!"

The third month of pregnancy

The 3rd month of pregnancy - the month of excitement

This month is about excitement and impatience. The child is now starting to grow more and more and more and more like a baby. And you would be very happy to live as close as possible to the doctor's house, so that you can ask him a lot of questions, and he can give you reassuring answers to the worries you have in one.

The third month of pregnancy is all about impatience. You would really like to hurry things up and hold your baby in your arms sooner or at least start to feel its movements. You want more action, to know that everything is fine!

You can't wait to have a big belly, and for him to move when you tell him something interesting. If it were possible, you would go for a check-up every day, to make sure that everything is fine with the little one. However, you must know that, in addition to all the excitement, less pleasant things may also appear.

With the third month, abdominal pains and nausea will be two things that may make their way into your life as a future mother, but don't be too scared, anything less pleasant is still temporary! There are also some things that could help you feel better or at least make you more optimistic. Here's what you should know about abdominal pain or nausea during pregnancy.

Abdominal pains

The third month of pregnancy is a month in which your body prepares for what is to come. If on the outside you still can't see much, inside "they are working intensively". All the other organs give way to the uterus, because I know that it is going to host someone very important. That's why, this month, you can feel pain in the abdomen area.

Since the uterus grows rapidly in size during this period, the ligaments that support it become more and more stretched, so the sudden movements you make may make you feel pain.

To avoid it, however, you just have to try, as much as possible, not to make too sudden movements. If you start practicing these movements from now on, in the advanced period of pregnancy, you will be very pleased. When the pregnancy is advanced, the pains will be stronger, because then the ligaments will be even more stressed. But if you get used to controlling your movements from now on, in the more advanced stage it will be a breeze!


third month pregnancy

If the nausea existed in your case and in the first two months, you are about to receive bad news. Most likely, the nausea will persist this month, but don't be too scared! From this point of view, for most women, the third month of pregnancy is the last month of "torment". By the end of the month, the nausea should disappear.

So, resist! And think that, although you still feel bad from almost everything during this period, by the end of the month, things will return to normal. Stay strong! Already in the fourth month of pregnancy, you will finally be able to eat quietly something you like, without feeling that you are sick! Starting with the end of the third month, the level of hormones that make you feel nauseous will decrease, and your condition may change completely!

Goodbye, fatigue, I won't miss you!

Probably, in the first two months of pregnancy you could notice that sleep was indispensable! You couldn't do much because you immediately felt the feeling of fatigue and you had to sleep, at least a little. How much did you sleep or would you have liked to sleep in these first two months, probably that both you and your husband thought that the pregnancy turned you into a bear in the hibernation season.

But, starting with this month, the fatigue should also disappear. If until now, you were frustrated by the fact that you couldn't do much because of the condition you had, from now on you should feel more energized. It is possible that you can carry out activities much easier than in the first two months and that you no longer feel the need to sleep so much.

So, here is good news for the third month. You can forget about the lack of energy and you can shout out loud "Goodbye, fatigue, I won't miss you!", because your condition will return to normal!

In the meantime, look what the baby is doing in the belly

the baby in the third month of pregnancy

Maybe the way you look hasn't changed much. But, inside, you are definitely a different person! A man, in whom another being is now growing. And it doesn't grow a little!

You should know that, if at the beginning of the second month, the baby was somewhere around 4 cm, by the end of the third month, it will be about 10 cm and will weigh about 25-30 grams. If this does not impress you, then find out that this is also the month in which the baby's organs are finalized. And don't get emotional when you learn that, from this month, the little one will be able to feel the pain.

The third month is the month in which your baby experiences many changes, and as far as you are concerned, it is the month in which you become stronger. With the passage of this month, for most women, a state of calm intervenes. You feel that everything is going as it should and you start to trust that your pregnancy will go well. It is also the month in which you will be able to become more sensitive.

Although the belly has not yet appeared, the impatience is definitely growing. It is very possible to wake up crying when you see children walking around the park with their mothers, but even the smallest details could sensitize you, maybe just a simple duckling, or a baby's clothes that someone he gave it to you as a gift.

In the case of most pregnant women, sensitivity becomes something indispensable. So don't feel embarrassed in any way, if at some point you feel like crying! It's a wonderful moment for you and your family, and the tears can only be of joy!

Enjoy this period as much as you can and express it, as it is more convenient for you, even with a tear! Basically, you wouldn't have any reason not to be happy, just see how many new things the third month of pregnancy brings!

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