The second month of pregnancy has passed, and now you can easily notice the changes. It can be easy, it can be difficult, your moods are amplified, but it is certain that you will be a mother and the happiness you will feel will be boundless. A child is like a ray of sunshine, the one who will brighten your days and those of your partner. The first 8 weeks have passed and you seem to be surrounded by a lot of questions about the little life you lead: how it looks, how small the fetus can be. Besides, you wonder what to do so that he can have a good development. We will discuss these together in this article.

The third month of pregnancy

pregnancy diary - third month

This month, everything seems to take a turn, feelings being twisted and indecipherable. You can notice the biggest change in the belly, which is bigger. Of course, the clothes will take care to let you know that something is happening to your body.

Of course, it can happen that in the third month, some women do not have a very obvious belly, but this is not a problem. Every body is different, you have to remember this.

If at the beginning of the 4 weeks, pregnant women thought they could fool the eyes and the clothes and were still in step with fashion, well, at the end of the third month, pregnant clothes will be indispensable in the wardrobe. The belly will grow with the little one.

Symptoms that you are in the third month of pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting will be the order of the day, causing discomfort. However, towards the end of the month, the intensity of these conditions can decrease. Even if all these things may seem hard to bear, the satisfaction after the end of the 39 weeks is unimaginable.

Besides the physical change, you must know that you will feel much more tired. Why? Because the fetus is already starting to develop much more visibly. And yes, from the third month you can call him FAT. How small is it? Like a grapefruit.

You will gradually feel its presence, because the hands and feet begin to develop. And precisely because the fetus begins to grow, your body can become exhausted. Don't worry, give him sleep, rest. Fortunately, find out that, those nauseas disappear little by little and the risk of a spontaneous abortion decreases considerably as the pregnancy progresses. Now you just need peace and relaxation.

Although certain parts of the body will continue to change, emotional states will return to normal. You will be more confident in your own powers and in yourself, fear will decrease and you will be surrounded by positive feelings regarding your future and that of the baby.

It can happen that you are also tried by bad general moods, believing that something is not right when you are no longer tired permanently or the morning sickness disappears out of the blue. But don't be alarmed, everything is under control, because your body is trying to cope with the changes, and you will be the one who feels the effects.

What is not recommended to do in the third month

Throughout pregnancy, mothers will need a doctor. Even if it was the 5th call in that week, the phone call to the doctor should not be neglected whenever the expectant mother feels that something is not right. A little unannounced pain can cause big problems later. Remember that any question and any problem must come to the attention of the doctor supervising the pregnancy.

This month will be the third consultation with the doctor. Don't be surprised that he asks you how you feel. He does it to give you the opportunity to explain to him if you encountered problems, he will tell you the possible causes that triggered them and the way in which they can be fixed. There is no need to be ashamed, any confusion will have to be clarified for a pregnancy as healthy as possible.

What kind of problems can you encounter? As I mentioned, the risk of a spontaneous abortion is minimal, but it is possible that fatigue will have its say and that will worry you. The doctor will recommend rest.

At the same time, problems related to the digestive system can alarm you. What is the cause? Progesterone is what slows down digestion, because it is necessary for more nutrients to be absorbed by the body for the fetus. This causes headaches, dizziness, bloating, gas. You must discuss everything with your doctor and you will receive indications and recommendations from him. However, do not take any medicine without telling your doctor.

Preparations for the baby continue...

Like any other mother, your enthusiasm will be boundless. Maybe you already have in mind what his room will look like, what delicate linens you will buy, what extra toys you will use to create the most beautiful universe in your home.

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Having said that, the third month is a very important one, both for you and for the baby. Take special care of yourself and prepare for the coming month!