Fewer worries, more kilos!

The fourth month of pregnancy brings something new, because now the second trimester is about to begin. For most expectant mothers, the fourth month of pregnancy is the one in which they become a bit more relaxed and begin to enjoy this wonderful event in their lives more.

The fourth month of pregnancy is a great moment of joy for most expectant mothers, because they have passed the riskier period of pregnancy. If you didn't know, in the first trimester, there is a much higher risk of pregnancy loss, which is why most mothers breathe a sigh of relief once they've passed this stage. The remaining two quarters are not without risks either, but the biggest one has passed!

4th month of pregnancy
At the same time, expectant mothers become more relaxed and because, the belly starts to be more and more visible from this month. If until now, another frustration, and, at the same time, another concern that things are not going as they should, was the fact that the belly has not appeared, from now on, and it will disappear.

According to specialists, the fourth month of pregnancy is also called the "honeymoon of pregnant women", because it represents a somewhat easier period for future mothers. They get rid of the stress that followed them until now, and certain unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy also disappear.

For most mothers-to-be, the fact that the belly has started to grow reassures them enormously, because this makes them believe that the little one is also developing well. Pregnancy is about the only period in a woman's life, when the extra pounds are a great reason for joy. And from the fourth month, you will be able to start noticing changes from this point of view.

What's new in the fourth month?

4th month of pregnancy
At the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, not only the appearance of the belly will make you feel calmer, but your whole body will finally let you take a break. If in the first months, you could not enjoy much, because either you were nauseous or you were sleepy, you must know that you are about to get rid of this ordeal!

Starting with the fourth month, you will be able to really enjoy the food you craved, because from now on, the nausea you felt in the first months will diminish or disappear completely.

For lucky mothers, the fourth month brings the most beautiful surprise: the baby's movements! You read it right! Starting with this month, a wave of emotions may attack you, because it is very possible to start feeling your baby's movements! However, the fourth month cannot bring only good news, therefore, you must know that there will be less pleasant things that you will be able to go through.

Abdominal pains, for example, will be the ones that "will always spoil the party", and, depending on luck or bad luck, they might follow you throughout the pregnancy. In principle, pains in the abdominal area appear due to the continuous change in the size of the uterus, and as long as they do not have a very high intensity, they are perfectly normal.

To avoid discomfort, move as easily as possible. The fact that now you don't even have nausea anymore and you don't need to run panicked to the bathroom, it's only in your favor! From this month, the reasons why until now you might have had to make sudden movements, which cause you pain, are fewer and fewer! So, it will be easier for you to control your movements.

What good news does the fourth month bring?

Although there are unpleasantnesses, in principle, the fourth month of pregnancy, comes with much more good things than you might think. In addition to the possible movements of the baby, the reduction of nausea and fatigue, it is very possible to get rid of breast pain.

If during the first three months of pregnancy your breasts probably caused you pain even at the slightest touch, from now on, the discomfort will begin to decrease significantly, even if their size will continue to increase.

Another good news is that the frequency of urination will be close to normal again. If until now you always felt that you had to go to the bathroom, from the fourth month, your body gets used to the hormonal changes it goes through, and urination reaches normal limits again.

What you need to know, however, is the fact that you will not enjoy this "benefit" forever. When the baby will make more "room" in your tummy, and the uterus will become bigger and press on the bladder, frequent urination will be the order of the day again. So, take advantage of this "quiet" month, but don't get your hopes up that everything will go the same throughout the pregnancy.

What changes does the baby go through this month?

During the entire pregnancy, your body will surprise you with major changes, and, month by month, the baby will also experience new things. If in the first three months, you found out that the little one's organs have already formed and that it is possible to feel his movements or hear his heart when you go for a check-up, the fourth month will also surprise you.

The little one is already starting to pick up habits characteristic of babies, and visits to the ultrasound machine might catch him sucking his finger, if you're lucky!

Since the baby is getting bigger, your body will prepare intensively to offer him the best conditions, and the fact that your belly will grow is also due to the increase in the amount of amniotic fluid. Since the little one will need more and more space to grow and move freely, your body is working on a bigger and more comfortable "house".

Also this month, your body will work a lot on the baby's skeleton. It is the month in which part of the ribs will appear, but also some existing bones at the level of the hands and the head.

The baby will begin to form its muscular system more and more, so get ready to feel its presence more and more through movements from this month. For sure, it will show your newly formed muscles, "dancing" and moving your hands and legs more and more. So, be on the lookout! Although he can't speak yet, you will hear a big one through the many maneuvers in his belly: "Look, mommy, how big I've become!"

And at the level of the sexual organs, the baby experiences interesting changes. In the case of boys, the fourth month is the one in which the prostate will form, and in the case of girls, the ovaries will descend into the pelvis.

Even the little one's hair will start to grow! The fourth month is the one in which she "starts to get" beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, but also the one in which the first strands of fluff appear on her body. The ears also end up going down to their normal position, and the little one starts to look more and more like a baby!

From now on, you will be able to notice yourself that the little one is growing day by day, just by looking at the belly, so take a little break! The beginning of the third trimester is about relaxation, so it doesn't cause you so many problems. Read an interesting book or go for a walk, because this period is a much quieter moment than what will follow!

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