Once you have confirmed your pregnancy and the first month is almost over, you have to get used to thinking about the second month of being a mother. If until now the 4 weeks have put you in difficulty or you felt, maybe, even very well, the next 30 days may be quite difficult. You will notice the biggest changes from now on, both in and on your own body, as well as regarding the embryo.

It is a rather difficult period for certain women who face nausea, fatigue and general unwellness. Every woman has a different way in which her body works, but you must be in continuous communication with the chosen doctor and avoid as much as possible all those negative factors that can influence the pregnancy. However, what does the second month look like?

Pregnancy diary: The second month

A set of certainties and uncertainties

As I mentioned, there can be different accidents in the body. The safe part of this whole story is that you have a developing pregnancy. The uncertain part is related to possible accidents that you often cannot identify.

Such events can lead to a tragic end, but if you plan to protect yourself as much as possible in the second month of pregnancy, you will get through these difficult weeks.

You will struggle with some difficult symptoms, which may often make you worry, but you must not forget that they are normal and different from one woman to another.

What symptoms will test your body?

Be aware that you will encounter many symptoms. A change begins in both your body and the embryo, and this forces you to conform to some unpleasantness. Don't panic if certain sensations are stronger or if you don't even feel anything.

These months of pregnancy can be so different, from one woman to another, that it shouldn't seem like something out of the ordinary. It is important to keep your doctor up to date with everything that happens to you, and he will take care to inform you with all the necessary information.

What you will feel in the second month of pregnancy is unique. There are drastic hormonal changes that the embryo needs to develop in a healthy way. If you compensate the symptoms with the thought that there is life in your body, you will get over them more easily.

You will live an extremely emotional period and above all, as I said, unique. Even if you may have another child, the 9 months are special for each of them. However, what are the symptoms you will face in the second month?


Modified breasts

Breasts grow and prepare for breastfeeding. In some cases you may feel pain and discomfort. For example, if you are going to run, it is very likely that your breasts will hurt. In addition, the breast areola will darken in color, and the surface will increase along the way.

Intensified nausea

You also experienced nausea in the first month, but in the second it will intensify. You will experience bad moods much more often. Did you know that they indicate that the pregnancy is developing very well? Don't panic if you feel sick 24/7. We understand that it's difficult, but it's an indication that the little one is developing.

Feeling sleepy and tired

If in the first month you were tired, now you will be really exhausted. Your body needs sleep and peace, so that all your energy is not wasted on trifles, but invested where it is needed. You feel extremely tired, sleep. But don't force things. You also need exercise, such as prenatal gymnastics.

Various other symptoms

Among other difficult symptoms we list: bloating, constipation, heartburn, hypersalivation, greater thirst, frequent urination, skin itching, vaginal secretions. All these are perfectly normal and are intensified due to the change at the hormonal level.

Sensitive emotional state

A significant part of the second month is related to emotions. Either there will be emotions of immense happiness that you will finally be a mother and a life will grow in you, or they will induce a state of sadness, upset. Why do you have the latter? Because you face some bad moods, with the above symptoms, and sometimes you feel that those around you don't understand you. This automatically leads to the idea that you are underestimated and thus, those emotions of sadness and indignation appear.

How does the embryo develop in the second month?

If the little one is already growing so fast, you should look at some baby pillows , linens and even classic things . If you were curious about what the embryo looks like in the second month, find out that you can already listen to its heart. His organs begin to develop, including the brain whose functions begin. And towards the end of the month, you already start to feel it present in your belly. The muscles will allow him to move in the liquid in which he is. It is certain that the second month is extremely significant for the embryo, already being a truly small being that takes shape. It is the moment when from the embryo, there will be a fetus, a name carried until the end of the pregnancy.


Preparation with tools

If already from the first month pregnancy fever gripped you, from the second you will feel even more excited to look for baby clothes. To begin with, you should only take care of the essentials, such as a baby-nest . Also, the most valuable is the baby pillow , which will remain very close to him for a long time. And let's not forget the botosa epics that you will hug with love from the first moment. It is the time when you will really feel like a mother and it is your right to enjoy your heart with a few shopping sprees. You do not believe?


Having said that, the second month of pregnancy is significant for both you and the fetus. Take care of your body, your child and keep calm!